Which member of the Fellowship are you?

Which member of the

 Fellowship of the Ring are you?

LOTR - promotional poster; found at fabuloussavers.com

 I’ve got to say, I LOVE the Lord of the Rings.  The movies, of course, were great; however, it is the books that are REALLY GREAT.  I first read The Hobbit and the trilogy back in middle school (about 25 years ago), and I’ve re-read them several times since.  My daughter finds it strange that I own – and consult – an atlas of Middle Earth (“You’ve got a map of a place that doesn’t even exist,” she giggles.)

We recently re-watched the trilogy on DVD.  It got me thinking: which character am I most like?  Lo, and behold – the power of the internet!  There are tons of quizzes on-line to help me find out.  For example, there’s this quiz to determine your LoTR personality.

So, as it turn out, I’m – ahem – Elrond, Master of Imladris; Lord of Rivendale; Keeper of Vilya.  (Which is okay, I guess; but I’d have preferred Aragorn – or even Samwise Gamgee.)


You are most like Elrond. Although you are very serious, you’re not above having a good time. It’s just that your definition of a good time is pretty different from other people’s. You’re very smart, so you use your knowledge to help others! At least you’re not so pessimistic. People may think you’re hard-nosed, but all your friends know better. 

So, which member of the Fellowship of the Ring are you?  Take the quiz and let us know your results. 

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12 Responses to Which member of the Fellowship are you?

  1. Father Guillory says:

    Okay… I took the test. The results? I’m a Frodo. Makes sense, I suppose. All my friends used to call me a hobbit because I love to stay at home, where it’s nice and quiet, and I prefer to have folks come by.

  2. Nicholas Jagneaux says:

    Sure, that all makes sense.

    But don’t forget about your hairy feet, too. 😉

  3. Leigh LaHaye says:

    haha i’m such a nerd. I’m such a lotr fan.. just ask around… i consider myself a hobbit. .. def minus the foot hair… so i took the test… and to my amazement.. i’m galadriel.. i think thats how you spell it… an elf.. i never age… that must be why i don’t grow… so maybe i’m an elffit… haha my parents must’ve strayed away from their middle earth species…

    but in regard to Father Josh’s character… I think you may have some gandalf in ya somewheres… due to the fact that you have very priestly magic.. 😉 [[card games]]

  4. Nicholas Jagneaux says:


    Galadriel ain’t so bad; you coulda been a balrog.

    I love LoTR, too. In fact, if I’m not careful, this whole site could become a massive Frodo-lovefest 🙂

  5. Therese' Doucet says:

    I took the test and the results are very similar to my personality! Looks like I’m Arwen. I love LOTR!

  6. Nicholas Jagneaux says:

    Yeah, I think that Arwen fits you really well.

    I recently read that Peter Jackson is going to start working on the film version of The Hobbit. While I think that LOTR is great, I might just love The Hobbit a little more.

  7. Morgan Doucet says:

    i took the test and i’m merry. haa

    What LoTR Character Are You?

  8. hawk says:

    i took the test and it turns out that i am aragorn ( that was a very beautiful shock). i adore lotr and i have just finded out this website, good work.

  9. Therese' Doucet says:

    Hi Hawk,
    Thanks for visiting our website!
    God bless!

  10. Kailey says:

    hah.. im Galadriel like Leigh lol

  11. no name says:

    looks like i am galadriel, i like it.
    is there any chance that the hobbit comes on the movielist, hope so.
    i am sorry my englisch is not very good i come from holland

  12. Mallory says:

    Im Legolas!!! (my favourite from the movies and book!!) Ive heard that the Hobbit is going to become a movie sometime in the near future!

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