Please, don’t cook with the holy water

Please, don’t cook with the holy water!

bottle of holy water

 Over at Dave Armstrong’s blog, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, there is a post concerning biblical evidence (surprise!) for holy water and other sacramentals.  Dave Armstrong is a former Protestant who is unbelievable at researching and explaining the Catholic faith. 

 (A warning: Dave can be a bit – umm – substantive; his work is very thorough and detailed.  You’ll want to set aside some time to take in all the information.)

Most of this article was done by Dave’s friend, Nick Hardesty (of  Let me highlight some of the points made over on the other blog:

  1. God uses created things in order to produce supernatural effects in our lives.
    • Matt 9:20-22 = Jesus’ garment healing a hemorrhaging woman
    • John 9:6-7 = Jesus’ gave sight to a blind man by mixing his saliva with dirt
    • Acts 19:11-12 = Paul’s handkerchief cures disease and drives out evil spirits
  2. In Scripture, water is used to cleanse, purify, and heal.
    • Numbers 19:9,13-20 = Blessed water removes impurity from the unclean
    • 2 Kings 5:14 = Naaman is cleansed of leprosy by washing in the Jordan River

There sometimes is a tendency to neglect the power of sacramentals.  As the Catholic Encyclopedia notes, “One of the most remarkable effects of sacramentals is the virtue to drive away evil spirits…” 

Of course, the sacramentals in-and-of themselves do not confer sanctifying grace; rather they depend upon the “official prayers whereby we implore God to pour forth special graces on those who make use of the sacramentals. These prayers move God to give graces which He would not otherwise give…”

So, we should take advantage of the sacramentals that the Church offers us.  However, please remember: holy water is HOLY.  Please don’t use it to cook your spaghetti. 🙂

Do Not Attempt With Holy Water!
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