Update: Respect Life trip to Baton Rouge

Update: Respect Life trip to Baton Rouge

on Saturday, Jan. 19

Baby in womb 

As previously noted, the Ville Platte Catholic Youth Group will be going to Baton Rouge the morning of Saturday, Jan. 19, to pray for an end to abortion outside the Delta Women’s Clinic.

Thanks to the work of Stephanie Andrus and Pam Lee, VPCYG will also be able to visit the National American Holocaust Memorial, too.  The Memorial is actually an old abortion mill. 

ADVISORY: All of the equipment has been left in place, and there is a guided tour that includes graphic information about the horrors of abortion. The NAHM has a virtual tour available if you want to see the Memorial to decide if you want to visit it.

Those who come with us will need to have completed a Jan. 19 2008 Parental Permission Form.  It can be turned in on the day of the trip; dropped off at OLQAS/Sacred Heart; given to Nick Jagneaux at VPHS; or given to Anne-Christine Jagneaux at SHHS.

Please visit our Calendar of Events page to get more details.  If you look up above our banner, you will see links to the VPCYG Calendar of Events and a description of the mission of Ville Platte Catholic Youth Group.  You can come right back here to the blog by clicking the Home link.

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3 Responses to Update: Respect Life trip to Baton Rouge

  1. nancy says:

    i am a singal mom of 7 my oldest is 15 years old i had him when i was 16 years old and now that i am 31 i dont reget giving life to my children i have enjoy every min of it i just wish other’s would feel the same way . its a hard , but thats life . i thank god everyday for helping me and my family throw out these years, please think twice with what u do to your body cause an unborn child has a saying too
    thank you !nancy in wisconsin ,wisconsin 2008

  2. Nicholas Jagneaux says:


    You have done a courageous and a beautiful thing.

    May God continue to bless you and your family.

  3. Dana Marie says:


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