Abortion – Why Not (Pt. 2)

Abortion – Why Not (Pt. 2)

In preparation for our trip to Baton Rouge to pray for an end to abortion, I am writing a short series on the reasons we need to end this holocaust.  The first part focused on the immorality of the issue and on Church teaching.

Weeping Jesus


This part focuses on the many harmful effects of abortion on the woman who has the abortion.   There are many physical, psychological and emotional effects for the person who procures the abortion.  So, even if a woman does not oppose abortion on moral, Christian grounds, at least she may oppose it for her own safety.Several recent studies have pointed out the growing number of links between abortion and breast cancer.  While the studies are not definitive (and there are studies that dispute it), the link is strong enough for us to consider.

 Additionally, the psychological/emotional effects of abortion on women (and men, by the way) are well-documented.  A Canadian study, for example, has shown that 25% of post-abortive women made psychological appointments; compared to just 3% of the control group.

Women who have had an abortion typically do so because they feel that they have no choice; and they need our prayers and compassion.  There are support groups for women who are trying to deal with this tragic situation; for example, Rachel’s Vineyard offers retreats and information.

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