Tuesday, Jan. 22 – National Day of Penance

Tuesday, Jan. 22

Anniversary of Roe v Wade

Day of Prayer and Penance for Life


***UPDATE:  Note to Michelle Malkin and Gulf Coast Pundit readers – This is a post FROM LAST YEAR (2008).  (Thanks to Ed Mahmoud abu al Kahoul for linking to this page.)The Day of Prayer and Penance for Life for 2009 is still on Jan. 22; however, this year, Jan. 22 is on THURSDAY. 

The date has NOTHING TO DO with Obama’s inauguration; it has to do with Roe v Wade.***

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has declared that the anniversary of Roe v Wade (which legalized abortion nationwide) “shall be observed as a particular day of penance for violations to the dignity of the human person committed through acts of abortion, and of prayer for the full restoration of the legal guarantee of the right to life.”  Please note: the words “shall be” indicate that we are under obligation to fulfill the penance.

by Guido Reni - from Wikipedia

St. Joseph with the Infant Jesus by Guido Reni – from Wikepedia

Penance is supernatural moral virtue.   Some examples of  penance:

  • fasting (or mortification); and abstaining from certain foods (especially meat);
  • no television; no cellphones; no internet (except vpcyg.com, of course, ha! ha!);
  • don’t smoke;
  • saying a rosary (or an extra rosary if you already say one);
  • devoting an hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament (at church or the hospital chapel);
  • reading Sacred Scripture, especially Gospel of Luke;
  • do some housework that Mom (or Dad) normally does;
  • receive the Sacrement of Reconciliation (aka Confession);
  • give alms (money) to the poor

No matter which form of penance we choose, we should do so with a glad heart, entrusting Our Lord to use our small sacrifices for the betterment of His people.

So, what kind of penance will you do? Or if you are reading this after Jan. 22, what kind of penance did you do?

Leave a comment at this post (click on the word Comment at the top of this post).  That way, everyone can be encouraged by your example.

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5 Responses to Tuesday, Jan. 22 – National Day of Penance

  1. Nicholas Jagneaux says:

    I’m going to fast and abstain from meat. And no coffee in the morning.

  2. JFF says:

    I will fast and abstain from meat, smoking and prayer the completely rosary Joyful,Sorrowful & Glorious Mystries. and Novena prayer to St Joseph.

  3. Julie F. F. Mohd says:

    will fast and abstain from meat, smoking and do my rosary the 15 mystries and say the novena to St Joseph and Infant Jesus.

  4. Nicholas Jagneaux says:


    May God bless you and give you the grace to sustain your penance.

  5. nettielpowell says:

    i cant go to church i have copd.im making a prayer corner in my home with candles,pictures of jesus and mary the divine chapletprayersi want to say the our fathers for penance i also want to make a special rosary for the divine chaplet.need some thoughts.god bless all nettie

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