Catholic Rap!??!

Catholic … Rap!??!

The Apologist Street Manna cover

Listen up, y’all!  Y’gotta hear this!

This is serious Catholic rap.  D-Major/The Apologist lays some heavy beats and some silly rhymes.  And all of it with keen theological insight.

Go listen to 53 Beads on a String (about the rosary, of course).  (You need Quicktime to listen to the clips.  You can download a free version.)  Here is a sample of the lyrics:

chorus: Now, brother, tell me, do you pray, the Ave the Holy Rosary mysteries everyday?  ‘Cause 53 beads on a string have more meaning than they seem, bringing souls gone astray on The Way (2x)

Verse 2: As you can see, the 53 beads on a string are notorious, from Joyful, to Sorrowful to Glorious; Shedding light upon the light of Christ, bringing new insight and excites as your soul takes flight on to new heights.  Pray the Ave’s not in a daze, attention paid, put your mind on the mystery made; then you may uncover, discover what was written of the Mother of God….

Or, how about The Exorcism of Hip-Hop.  Here are some lyrics (like a Baptist preacher giving it to ’em):

Brother and Sisters in Christ: the hip-hop music is being invaded by the Devil.  We ain’t supposed to be singin’ about sex; we ain’t supposed to be singin’ bout money; we ain’t s’posed ta be singin’ about cars.  We s’posed to be singin’ bout Jesus; we s’posed to be singin’ about Mary; we supposed to be singing about the Sacraments.  It’s time for an exorcism, brothers and sisters; it’s time for an exorcism on hip-hop.  Can I get an Alleluia! Can I can an Amen!  Can I get an Alleluia, Amen!

(cue the Phantom of the Opera sample) Get thee behind me.  Satan, I bind thee.  Let me remind thee you have no authority now, so I advise thee, “Split!” Pack up you bags, pick up your trash and git; take your bad habits and malpractice and quit.  Let me explain: I cast you out in Jesus’ name.

Try out A Few of My Favorite Things (sampled from the Sound of Music):

I love all that is Catholic, like going to Mass and Advent, even through Lent my time was well-spent; I love meditating up on the Passion and havin’ to ask the priest to forgive me had I sinned; every procession, every Papal blessin’, every patron saint that had made some intercession; and I don’t mean to sound to extreme, but to me, it’s just a few of my favorite things

I can’t do justice to the raps here on this blog.  You’ve got to click the links and listen for yourself.  Go….now.

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