Genius = Weird Al

Genius = Weird Al

Want to laugh?  Want to sing?  Want to laugh & sing?  Who better to fill your need than “Weird Al” Yankovic?

I love this guy.  This song combines my love of Weird Al and Spiderman. (I used to collect the comics as a kid AND as a teen!)

Note: For those of you under 30, this is a parody of Billy Joel’s Piano Man, a classic in its own right.

Okay, how about another one.  A couple of days ago, I posted about some really good Catholic rap.  Here’s Weird Al’s take on rap.

Maybe it’s just me, but….when Weird Al’s wearing his black do-rag and rappin’, doesn’t he look just like Kip from Napoleon Dynamite?

One more (for now); I just can’t resist.  I love Star Wars, too.

Note: For those of you under 30, this a parody of Don McLean’s American Pie, yet another classic; make sure you listen to the full-length version. 

Anybody know if Weird Al’s done a Lord of the Rings parody?

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7 Responses to Genius = Weird Al

  1. I saw both of these already;thought it was hilarious and still do. Keep up the good work Mr.Nick.

  2. I think the meeting was a good success. I think we should have streaming Praise&Worship Music so it will entertain us aswell, as games; otherwise keep up the good work!!!!!

  3. Nicholas Jagneaux says:

    Thanks, Michael. Actually, I spoke with Mrs. Therese and Cabrini after the meeting to make sure that we would be able to do that. One problem is finding musical accompaniment for Cabrini.

    Also, I was considering putting up an on-line survey to guage the interests of teens; I want to try to meet your needs and desires. Do you think that many people would actually take the time to visit the website and take a 5-10 minute survey?

  4. Fr. Greg Chauvin says:

    Hey Nicholas,
    These Wierd Al Parody’s are great, but my favorite two remain Living with a Hernia and Amish Paradise. See Y’all on the 24th, God Bless!
    Fr. Greg

  5. Nicholas Jagneaux says:

    Fr. Greg,

    Those are classic. Coolio actually got upset because Weird Al parodied his song. (Wait a minute…I know entirely too much Weird Al trivia.)

    I told the Group that you’re coming on the 24th, and they seemed excited. We look forward to having you.

  6. I mean music and games on the website; Mr.Nick! Hello Fr. Greg can’t wait to see and hear from you. Looking forward to it. See you on the 24th of Febuary

  7. Nicholas Jagneaux says:


    There’s a problem I’m encountering when I find a cool game or website to link to: most of the sites that host the cool stuff also host some pretty … how shall we say … inappropriate stuff.

    I could link to the game; but, I don’t want to give the impression that the vpCATHOLICyg is okay with the content on some of the other websites.

    But, your point is well taken. I’ll try harder to find some cool games and music. In the meantime, if you find something, you can either post a link here in the comboxes; or e-mail me the link, and I’ll run a post on it.

    Thanks very much for keep up a combox dialogue. One day, others will catch on.

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