Deadlines Are Approaching

Deadlines Are Approaching

No, I’m not talking about the END OF THE WORLD (though some people think that’s coming too!). (Hey, maybe I’ll post on that someday soon – if the world doesn’t end first 🙂 )

I’m talking about the deadlines to get in non-refundable deposits for several activities that VPCYG has planned.  Only those who have turned in their deposits will be able to attend the events.  The sooner that deposits are turned in, the sooner I know what kind of transportation we’ll need. 

Let me run through the list (permission forms will be posted this weekend):

Abbey Youth Fest (takes place on Saturday, March 8, in Covington; it will be an ALL-DAY LONG event)

  • Feb. 8 – first deadline: $30, includes a T-shirt; or $25 to register, but without getting a T-shirt
  • Feb. 22 – second deadline $30 (does not include a T-shirt)
  • there will be a food and transportation cost to be determined

Steubenville South (takes place weekend June 20-22 in Alexandria)

  • March 3 – Deadline closes: $30
  • Total Cost is $175/person
  • there will be a transportation cost; AND maybe a hotel/housing cost

Catholic Heartwork Camp (takes place the week of July 20-25 in Plaquemines, near Baton Rouge)

  • March 14 – Deadline closes: $75
  • Total Cost is $325/person; plus some spending money for a 1-day outing
  • there may be a transportation cost (depending on the number of people who sign up)

As soon as you know if you want to attend, please let me know.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  PLEASE ASK YOUR QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENT BOX. Others who visit might have the same questions, and they’ll be able to read the answers.

Also, if there are any parents who would like to be chaperones, they need to let me know.  Chaperones will need to have received Save Environment training, as required by the Diocese of Lafayette.

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One Response to Deadlines Are Approaching

  1. I would like to go to Abbey Fest, Steubenville, and maybe Catholic Heartwork Camp not sure yet. Call my cell if you need 459-1517.

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