Juno movie review

Juno movie review

Over at Steven Greydanus’ GREEEAAAT film review site, Decent Films, there is a review of the latest Hollywood movie to treat the topic of abortion, Juno.  As Steven points out, many of the most recent films have been surprisingly pro-life.  (As a sidenote: I saw Bella.  I can highly recommend it.)

 A word about Steven Greydanus’ reviews – They’re all spot-on.  He is absolutely the best film reviewer out there.  Not only does he review a film for its artistic content, but he also reviews it for its moral content.  He rates a film overall (from A+ to F); on entertainment value (from 1 star to 4 stars); on moral/spiritual value (from +4 to -4); and on age appropiateness (from “everyone” to “teens & up” to “adults only” to “no one).  Steven gave Juno (official site) an A+; 3-1/2 stars; +3, -2; and Teens & Up.

A slice of the review:

“I need to know that it’s possible for two people to stay happy together forever,” Juno says plaintively to her father in a key exchange. It’s a difficult moment, because Juno’s father is divorced and remarried. His answer isn’t all that profound, but Juno gets the message, and is almost surprised to learn that wiser isn’t always sadder. Here is a film of rare wisdom, one that knows that following your bliss is often another name for selfishness and immaturity, and the secret to lasting happiness is often a matter of taking what you have and deciding to make it work.

If you want to catch Juno over the weekend, it’s playing in both Lafayette and Alexandria.

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