Camp Joshua Registration Opens

Camp Joshua

Registration Opens

The Louisiana Right to Life Federation is offering a weekend training for teens and young adults who want to become the next leaders in the pro-life movement.  The training, called Camp Joshua, will be held April 4-6 in Baton Rouge.

Camp Joshua Logo 

Although VPCYG will not be attending this as an officially sponsored club activity, I highly encourage our members to attend the training if they are able.  Then those who attend can come back to share with our club what they’ve learned so that we can put it into action at a local level.

Here are some of the great things that will be discussed:

  • Leadership Training from Seasoned Pro-Lifers– Become an expert on the life issues of today with interactive and up to date education on topics such as abortion and stem cell research. Learn in our fast-paced apologetics session how to defend your pro-life commitment to anyone you meet!
  • Personal Testimony from the Front-Lines- Meet with dedicated pro-lifers who work on the front lines of our movement in crisis pregnancy centers. Hear from a panel of women who have had experience with making tough decisions in trying times.
  • Special Night with the Legislators: On Saturday evening, we will be journeying into legislative world with State Senator Sharon Weston Broome and State Representativethe Hunter Greene. They will lead students through how a legislature works and why pro-life leadership is so crucial in their work.
  • Spending Time with Pro-Life Friends: While the weekend will be focused on forming you into pro-life leaders, we will have a great time doing it with interactive games and time to relax and talk with your new pro-life friends from throughout the state. 
  • If there is a VPCYG member who wants to attend, our club will sponsor that member by paying the $60 registration fee.  If there is more than one member who wants to attend, VPCYG will divide the $60 up among those who want to attend (for example, if two members want to go together, VPCYG will give each $30).  The registration fee includes the training materials, accomodations, meals, and t-shirt.

    A Mass, sponsored by the Knights of Colombus, will be held Sunday morning.

    For more information, visit the official Camp Joshua site. If you want to register and receive the VPCYG stipend, please contact me first.

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    1. jh says:

      THis is a great event. It sounds fun and quite a experience

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