Steubenville South Hotel Is Booked

Steubenville South

Hotel Is Booked

We have confirmation on our hotel stay for Steubenville South.  We will be staying at the Super 8 Motel – Alexandria I-49.  It is located north of Alexandria near the airport (exit 90).  It is about 7.5 miles from the Rapides Parish Coliseum.


The cost per person for the rooms is $70/person (this includes the cost to pay for the chaperones’ rooms).  I know that the cost is a little higher than projected, but that’s the way the rates are running during the summer for a secure hotel.

 So, here’s the break-down on what’s left to pay:

  • $105 – remainder of registration fee ($135 – $30 deposit = $105)
    • due by April 21
  • $70 – housing fee for two nights at Super 8 (includes cost for chaperones’ rooms)
    • due by May 21
  • $10 – transportation fee for Sacred Heart bus
    • due by May 21
  • $185 – TOTAL DUE

Plus, you might want a little spending money for incidentals (t-shirts; CDs; etc).

Checks may be made payable to Our Lady Queen of All Saints.

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