Karlo Broussard Rocked the House!

Karlo Broussard

Rocked the House!

 Karlo Broussard - 03/16/08

I want to express a HUGE thanks to Karlo Broussard for his talk Sunday evening.  Everyone I talked to who attended said that Karlo did a bang-up job.  (And he didn’t even bring his accordian.)

There’s a reason that Catholic Answers LIVE keeps this guy in their guest rotation; and why he’s got another article coming out for This Rock magazine: He’s good.

For those of you who missed it, Karlo talked about the impotence of moral relativism and religious indifference.  The talk lasted an hour, and Karlo had everyone captivated the entire time.  Let me give you a small summation of the talk:

Moral Relativist: “You can’t tell me that {sex outside of marriage; pornography; abortion; etc} is wrong.  It may be wrong for you, but I feel that it’s okay.

Committed Christian: “Of course it’s wrong.  There is a divine Truth that should not be broached.”

Moral Relativist: “Truth?  Some things that are true to you, are not true to me.  There’s no such thing as truth.”

Committed Christian: “There’s no such thing as Truth?  Is that a true statement?”

Moral Relativist: “You’re mean!”

Now, Karlo did a MUCH better job than that summation would indicate.  But the fact of the matter is – as Karlo proved – moral relativism is intrinsically self-contradictory.

Karlo Broussard - killings Les Acadiens

(Michael Vidrine, Chris Vidrine, and David Fisher pretend to be Catholics from Acadie, as the English bad guy – Karlo – gets ready to execute them.)
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