Holy Thursday & Good Friday

Holy Thursday


Good Friday

The Taking of Christ by Caravaggio 

(The Taking of Christ by Caravaggio; I LOVE Caravaggio’s work.) 

I will not be blogging at all tomorrow (and probably not on Holy Saturday); so, I’ll put together a few items about Holy Thursday and Good Friday on this post.

Because I don’t know if I’ll post something on Holy Saturday, check out Fisheaters’ article about Holy Saturday traditions.

May God bless you and keep you in His peace.  Happy Easter! (I get coffee in the mornings again 🙂 )

Holy Thursday 

The Last Supper by da Vinci 

 (The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci)

Holy Thursday, of course, is the day on which Jesus Christ celebrated the first Mass, the Last Supper, instituting Holy Eucharist with his 12 Apostles the evening before His Passion and Crucifixion. 

Fisheaters has a great post that explains the traditions on Maundy Thursday (as it is also called.)

Thursday is the traditional day that this event is celebrated.  However, there has been some controversy about the actual day of Jesus’ crucifixion.  There are some claims that Jesus was crucified, not on Friday, but on Wednesday (or on Saturday).  This would, of course, mean that the Institution of the Eucharist did not take place on a Thursday.

The problem comes from an alleged discrepancy between the Synoptic Gospels (Mark, Matthew, and Luke) and the Gospel of John.  I surely am not qualified to sort out all the details; however, I don’t need to sort it out.  (In the first place, Holy Mother Church celebrates the Last Supper on a Thursday: That’s good enough for me!)  For those who would like an in-depth harmonizing of the texts, Tim Staples has it all figured out.

On a related topic, Steve Ray has the answer to the questions: “How long was Jesus on the cross?” and “Was Jesus really in the tomb for 3 days & nights?”

I will be a lector tonight at Our Lady Queen of All Saints for Mass and the Washing of the Feet.  This brings us to another “controversy”.  Are women allowed to have their feet washed during the celebration?  Jimmy Akin, as usual, offers a very clear, well-articulated answer to that question.  The short answer is, “No.”

Jesus Washing Peter's Feet by Ford Maddox Brown

(Jesus Washing Peter’s Feet by Ford Maddox Brown

Good Friday 

2007 Way of the Cross group shot 

On Good Friday, I will join with other Catholics from Ville Platte as we make the annual Way of the Cross, culminating with Good Friday service and veneration of the cross at Sacred Heart.

Check out Fisheaters for great information about Good Friday traditions.

We will begin the Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3 pm on Good Friday.  I love the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  (I love praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet.) For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

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