The Hits Just Keep Coming!

The Hits

Just Keep Coming!

 Fight Night Round 3 screenshot from


As of Monday, March 31, this blog had 5,302 hits.


(For those of you out there who will snicker at my scrawny numbers,
please forgive my excitement.)

I started this blog with a very limited target audience: the Catholic Youth of Ville Platte; and, specifically, the members of the VPCYG.  It is intended to be a forum for teaching and explaining the faith, and helping to organize club activities.

 If I would have gotten 50 hits per week, I would have been satisfied. 

Instead, this site is getting 390 hits per week; or 58 hits per day.

In fact, since January, there have only been 4 weeks (out of 14) that I’ve gotten less than 300 hits per week – and that was in the first month!  Since then, we’ve grow every month.

 Thank you all who visit.  I only wish that you’d leave a comment or two to make it more interactive. 

(BTW, I know that this a cheap post; but I’ll have something meatier tomorrow.)
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