Temporary Hiatus In Posting Due To Technical Difficulties

Temporary Hiatus in Posting

Due to Technical Difficulties

I use WordPress to run this blog.  WordPress is a free service for bloggers.  There are other free blogging services available (like Blogger).  I chose WordPress because I had previously tried Blogger, but didn’t like it too much.  So, I tried WordPress for this blog.

Now, this is going to sound a little whiny – considering that WordPress is free – but: I really, really don’t like WordPress.  It seems that I’m stuck for the time being.

Let me give you the most recent example.  Friday evening – the beginning of the weekend – WordPress decides to unveil a new Editor program for typing posts (I’m currently trying to use it, but getting frustrated with each letter I type).  This new Editor program has 1,000,001 bugs in it.

Until WordPress technical support corrects these problems, there will not be any posting here.  I can’t link properly, add images properly, save my work properly, center text properly – or do anything properly for that matter. 

(I admit that a big part of the problem may just be my lack of technical skill; but many others using WordPress – though not all – have encountered the same problems.)

I’m sorry for the let-up in publishing.

May St. Isadore of Seville intercede on our behalf, and allow our software to work.  (I would provide some really good links to St. Isadore, whose Memorial was yesterday, but – alas! – the new Editor won’t let me.)

St. Isadore, pray for us.

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