What religion is Superman?

What religion is Superman?

Collage of Catholic Super Heroes from www.comicbookreligion.com

I saw this at Mark Shea’s blog, Catholic and Enjoying It!.  There is a website devoted to tracking the religious affiliation of your favorite Super-Heroes and Super-Villians – www.ComicBookReligion.com.

The website is VERY thorough, listing hundreds of characters and placing them into more than 50 different religious affiliations.  The cool part is that the site administrators aren’t just making stuff up; they actually use the real descriptions from the comics themselves to catagorize the heroes/villians.

Each character even has an in-depth page discussing the role that religion has played in his life.  It’s very cool.

Of all the Catholic Superheroes, the two most well-known are:  Daredevil and Nightcrawler (from X-Men).  The Hulk‘s alter-ego, Bruce Banner, is a lapsed Catholic.  Batman is possibly a lapsed Episcopalian (on his dad’s side), and a lapsed Catholic, too (on his mom’s side).

         Daredevil - the Catholic Superhero                    Nightcrawler - Catholic Superhero

When it comes to Major Supporting Characters, Lois Lane and Betty Ross Banner (the Hulk’s wife) are Catholic.  Betty Ross Banner actually entered a convent as a novitiate when she thought Bruce had died; but didn’t complete her vows and married Bruce.  (As a side note, Liv Tyler – Arwen from Lord of the Rings – will be playing Betty in the next Hulk movie, opening up June 13.)

        Lois Lane - Catholic wife of Superman                                Betty Ross Banner - Catholic wife of Bruce Banner/The Hulk

So, do you want to know what Spiderman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and others are?  You’ll just have to check out www.ComicBookReligion.com.


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