Still Busy

Still Busy

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I hope to be able to post something new on Monday (or Tuesday).

I’m sorry for the light posting, but as the end of the school year draws near, my workload has increased. 

Until my next new post, please head on over to Jimmy Akin’s blog, where he’s got a great post on John Henry Cardinal Newman, who was just recently beatified.  ****CORRECTION: Cardinal Newman’s cause has received the approval of the Vatican to be beatified.  The actual beatification ceremony will take place later this year, at which time he will be Blessed Cardinal Newman.   Thanks to Sacerdosinaeternum for pointing this out in the combox below 🙂 ***

John Henry Cardinal Newman from Wikipedia

Cardinal Newman‘s beatification is the perfect occassion to write a post I’d been contemplating lately: Doctors of the Church.

If you ever want to read GREAT discussion of the faith, head over to Jimmy’s blog and scroll through the comboxes.  I’ve learned more there than just about anywhere.

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2 Responses to Still Busy

  1. sacerdosinaeternum says:

    I must point out that Cardinal Newman has net yet been beatified. A miracle has been approved through his intercession, and the rumor is that he will be beatified later this year, but a date for the beatification has not yet been announced. It’s till great to consider his writings, though!

  2. Nicholas Jagneaux says:


    First of all, let me offer to you my gratitude and respect for your service to God and his people.

    Secondly, thanks for pointing out the mistake in the article.

    Please feel free to offer any other comments and advice that you see fit.

    When you come back to Ville Platte, be sure to stop by the house to say hello.

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