High Marks for Iron Man

High Marks for

Iron Man

Iron Man poster from www.firstshowing.net

Iron Man opens up this weekend, and Steven D. Greydanus – at DecentFilms.com –  has posted his review for the new Marvel superhero movieThe verdict is:

  • Overall Recommendability – B+
  • Artistic Merit – 3 Stars
  • Moral and Spiritual Value – +1/-1
  • Age Appropriateness – Teens & Up

Here’s the lede:

Smart, sardonic and more than a little silly, Iron Man is a successful super-hero movie that never takes itself too seriously. Here is a popcorn movie with a will to entertain, at turns evoking James Bond, Batman Begins and Transformers; if it’s not in the same league as Batman Begins, it’s better (and shorter) than Transformers, with a redemptive angle foreign to James Bond.

Realistic and comic-book war-zone violence; some immoderate drinking, innuendo and suggestive material, including a brief bedroom scene (no nudity); a couple of wince-inducing scenes involving Tony’s chest injury; some objectionable language, including at least one instance of profanity.

Update: Fr. Z has also chimed in over at his blog, What Does the Prayer Really Say, and he calls it “a hoot”; and can’t wait for a sequel.

By the way, if you’re wondering about Super-heros and their religions, wonder no more:  Iron Man is mostly a secularist, but he identifies himself as a Futurist.

Iron Man is a Futurist - from www.adherents.com


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