VPCYG May Newsletter


May Newsletter

Steubenville Information

For the 33 of you who are going to Steubenville, here are a few important reminders:

      The Steubenville South Individual Liability Forms must be completed, notorized, and turned in before May 21.

      Payment for Housing and Transportation of $80 is due before May 21. (This amount could be less, depending on your participation in the fundraising activities.)

      MANDATORY MEETING MAY 25 Everyone who is going to Steubenville must attend the VPCYG meeting on Sunday, May 25, at 6:15 pm at the Family Life Center.  We will be discussing the Code of Conduct and other important information.  Parents do not have to attend, but are encouraged to attend.

VPCYG T-Shirts

Our VPCYG T-Shirts are ready to order.  The T-Shirts feature artwork done by Mr. Mike Bordelon – the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the Lily of St. Joseph.  This image represents all three Catholic parishes in Ville Platte, whose teenagers we serve.  The cost is $12 for a khaki shirt; and $10 for a white shirt.  I will place an order on May 19.  You need to get me your money and shirt size before then.

May Activities and Meetings

Saturday, May 10, 12 noon, Chicot State Park1st annual Chicot Canoe and Cook-out: We’ll grill burgers/hot dogs and take a guided tour around Chicot Lake in canoes.  There are only a couple of slots left open for the canoe tour; SO PLEASE LET ME KNOW A.S.A.P. if you want to reserve your seat.  The cost is $5 (including Park entry).

 Canoeing at Chicot Lake


Sunday, May 11, after Mass outside OLQAS, Sacred Heart, and St. JosephMothers’ Day Fundraiser: We are going to sell roses and collect prayer petitions for Mother’s Day.  The prayer petitions will be carried with us on our pilgrimage from the Ave Maria Shrine to the Benedictine Monastery.  The money earned will help to defray the cost of Steubenville South.  Only those who participate in the fundraiser will benefit from it.


Saturday, May 17, Morning Time To Be Announced  9:00 am – 12:30 pmPilgrimage from Ave Maria Shrine to Benedictine Monastery: The 5-mile pilgrimage will include time for prayer, reflection, and good Christian fellowship.  The pilgrimage itself should not take more than 2 hours.  We will spend some time on the grounds of the Monastery for lunch.  I need to know who is making the walk – parents are invited, tooso I can plan enough food/drinks.


Ave Maria Shrine in Prairie Rhonde - photo by Mrs. Therese Doucet



    Ave Maria Shrine - photo by Mrs. Therese Doucet




 Sunday, May 25, 6:15 pm, FLC – Our regular monthly VPCYG meeting.  Fr. McNeill will be discussing the connection between pagan myths and the True Christ, Jesus.  This is also a mandatory meeting for those who will be attending Steubenville.


Christ Pantocrator icon - taken from Wikipedia

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


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