Pilgrimage Photos – May 2008

Photos of Pilgrimage

May 2008

Members of the Ville Platte Catholic Youth Group made a 5.5-mile pilgrimage from the Ave Maria Shrine near Frilot Cove to the Benedictine Monastery near Plaisance.  After making the pilgrimage, we were treated to an explanation of Benedictine life by Deacon Joseph.  Then we had lunch on the lovely grounds.

(These monks – priests and brothers – are Olivetan; therefore, they wear the white habit.  Other Benedictines wear a black habit.)

More details to come a little later.  Here are a few photos.


We were safe; the weather was nice; and we’re going to do it again in October.  Make plans to join us.

As a sidenote:  The name of the monastery is the Olivetan Benedictine Mother of the Redeemer Monastery.  They are planning a nice celebration for the Feast of St. Benedict on July 11.  The Monastery extends an invitation to celebrate Holy Mass and have a meal with them.

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