Accepting Prayer Petitions for Pilgrimage to Banneux

Prayer Petitions

for Pilgrimage to the Shrine of

Our Lady of Banneux

Postcard from the Shrine of Our Lady of Banneux, Belgium


I have returned from my pilgrimage.  It was awesome, and I was glad to bring your prayer requests with me.  I may soon write a post about my experience.  God bless you all.

This summer, I plan to make a pilgrimage to Banneux, Belgium, where the Blessed Virgin appeared to a poor peasant girl in 1933.  The apparition of Our Lady of Banneux is an approved Marian apparition.   This year marks the 75th anniversary of the apparition.

I also plan to make a pilgrimage to Beauraing (also in Belgium, and also a site of an approved Marian apparition); however, this pilgrimage is less likely.  (Actually, the Blessed Virgin appeared in Beauraing only a few weeks BEFORE appearing at Banneux, in November and December 1932.)

If you would like for me to bring your prayer petitions with me on these pilgrimages, please leave your petition in the comment box associated with this post.  Your petitions can be anonymous if you’d prefer.

Belgium is a relatively small nation, but it has been highly favored by God among the nations of the world.  In addition to the two Marian apparitions, there have been innumerable saints and holy people from Belgium.

Let me give you a little background on the two apparitions of the Blessed Virgin:

Our Lady of Banneux

The Virgin of the Poor

photo of the Shrine of Our Lady of Banneux taken from

During a cold January and February in 1933 – just a couple of years before the outbreak of World War II, which would devastate Belgium – young Mariette Beco was graced to receive 8 visits from the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The characteristics of these appartions include:

  • the Blessed Virgin identified herself as “The Virgin of the Poor”; also as the “Mother of God” and the “Mother of the Savior”
  • Our Lady of Banneux wore a white gown with a blue sash; she held a rosary made of diamond beads and a gold chain; under her foot was revealed a gold rose
  • the Blessed Virgin specifically said that she had come to relieve the sick and the suffering; and she identified a spring that was reserved to her for this purpose
  • the Blessed Virgin requested that a chapel be built at the spot of the stream (which has been done)
  • during the sixth apparition, a secret was revealed to Mariette (which, however, Mariette has not revealed)

For more information, visit these websites:

Photo of Pope John Paul II at the spring of Our Lady of Banneux taken from


Our Lady of Beauraing

The Virgin of the Golden Heart

The Blessed Virgin appeared 30 times between Nov. 29, 1932, and Jan. 3, 1933.  She appeared to a group of five children, ranging in age from 15-years-old to 11-years-old.

Statue of Our Lady of Beauraing

The characteristics of these apparitions include:

  • The Blessed Virgin identified herself as “The Mother of God, the Queen of Heaven”; she also nodded in agreement when a child asked if she was the Immaculate Virgin
  • Our Lady of Beauraing wore a sashed white gown that reflected a blue light; she held her hands together in prayer and carried a rosary on her right arm; rays of light surrounded her head
  • the children could see her beating heart, which was illuminated like gold
  • the message of Beauraing was simple: “Pray, pray alot”; “Pray always”; “I will convert sinners”
  • the Blessed Virgin asked for a chapel to be built, and for pilgrimages to be made
  • two of the many cures that have taken place at the spot have been declared as miracles by the Catholic Church

For more infomation, visit these websites:

Photo of the five children of Beauraing taken from

As with all apparition – even those approved by the Church – some discernment is needed.  The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith produced a document to guide the faithful.  Jimmy Akin has a translation of document available.

If you want me to pray for your special intentions, please leave them in the comment box associated with this post.

May God bless you.


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55 Responses to Accepting Prayer Petitions for Pilgrimage to Banneux

  1. Therese' Doucet says:

    Enjoy your trip, Jagneaux family! We will be praying for your safe return.
    I have a few special intentions on behalf of the Doucet family. Thanks!

  2. Michael says:

    The Bullers have their thoughts and prayers with the Jagneaux family as they have a safe trip to Belgium and back. VPCYG will be praying for ya’ll:)

  3. marc says:

    i am getting freeer but still battle the enemy, i think. anyhow i sense unpleasant pressure. thanks for prayer for deliverance and grace. i am a senior person in the church by the way. thanks again.

  4. lloyd says:

    Lord jesus son of the ever living god,
    I beleive in your unconditional love for me and I worship you who upon the cross did embrace cruel death for hear my cry and pleading for mercy.I wish to love you and serve you all the days of my life so fill me with the grace of your holy spirit..enlighten my heart and my eyes with the wisdom and knowledge of the holy spirit that I will become truely wise.may the spirit of god be ever present into my soul and may my soul ever glow by its constant companionship.
    Fill all the time and spaces of my life..the past,present and future and heal all brokenness and emptiness.pour a new life into my heart and may I feel the strong presence of god into my life from here-on.pour out the gifts,fruits and charisms of holy spirit upon me mightily and may I ever be a strong witness to your truth..that truth which enlightens,brightens and saves.
    Forgive all my sins of the past….erase them all from my conscience and make my heart pure and innocent like the babies whom you said is the kingdom of heaven.
    Make me truely humble and simple…make me your chosen vessel which will become a source of bringing all your people and nations closer…o let me experience a new and renewed pentecost and may I be once again alive in the holy spirit.touch me from head to foot and put your holy angels charged over me.touch my lips to sing your praises..touch my hands to heal and restore all your people…touch my feet that I may go to all the corners of the earth proclaiming your holy word…what else should I ask for..yes share in the banquet in heaven and place into your fathers home in paradise.amen.

  5. karen brown says:

    My special intention is that my 9 year old daughter, Madison, will be able to be free from pain and move and walk again.
    Friends In Christ,
    Madi’s Mom

  6. Tony says:

    Attacks with irrational fear, shame/guilt. Tony, thanks.

  7. Diane says:

    Dear friend in Christ,

    Please pray for my Mother, sister and I. We are still trying to get our property at home sold. Apparently we need a ‘Root Title’ to prove ownership although the Land has been in the family for over 100 years. The Department where the Document was housed was destroyed by fire in 1907. Please ask your Intercessorys to storm Heaven and ask St. Anthony to help us to locate a copy of the Document or to show us another way out soon. My mom turns 94 this coming Monday, God willing and would like to have the sale finalized before she joins Jesus. I am also in need of urgent financial assistance.

    My son Duane’s friend, James Major, was killed in an accident this week after being crushed under a machine used to creats sidewalks and curbs. James was only 30 and had just been married to his wife Christina, in March of this year. May his soul rest in peace.

    Please also pray for another friend of my son – Paul, who grew up with James and another pal Jason. Jason was murdered last year while on his way home. The police still have not found his killer. Paul’s Dad is ill, and can be called Home at any time.
    Thank you & God bless.
    In Christ,

  8. rosemary says:

    Please pray for my brother, he needs to get his visa renewed. It has been sometime. He is under tremendous tension and pressure as the process is taking a long time.
    Thank you

  9. Annette Cruz says:

    ALICE BASILIO – please pray for change of heart & enlightenment and to draw her hearts closer to God.
    Antonio & Aida Basilio – please pray for guidance & wisdom in all trials, peace of mind, joy and good health.

  10. Tony says:

    Thanks for your prayers with Our Lady; please pray for deliverance from stress/tension. Blessings, + FM.

  11. vinod dsouza says:

    Respected People,

    Plz Pray for my Success & Well Being in Life.

    Permanent Jobs to we both Brothers.

    Good Health to All.

    Me to Get Married Soon,Bcom Graduate of 29 years Old.

    To Buy a New House,For Financial & Spiritual Blessings,Amen

    Thanks & Regards,

    Vinod D’souza
    Jahangir Building,
    10 D’monte Street,
    Bandra West,
    Cell No:09819125568

  12. Robert Farrell Williams says:

    Please help me find statues and medals of Our Lady of Banneux. I am a disabled person and it is difficult for me to talk to the people at the shrine in Belgium on the telephone because of their accent. I am also a poor person.

    Saint Jude Thaddeus and Saint Rita bless us.

    Robert Farrell Williams
    2790 Sirhal Drive (#314)
    East Lansing, MI 48823-7907
    (517) 351-1708

    • Caryn Crush says:

      I also have been looking for statues/medals/pictures or whatever I can find for a new school named Immaculata Classical Academy in honor of our lady of banneux. It is a school for poorer catholic families and children with down syndrom or other similar special needs. If you find some can you please let me know where. Thanks! God bless!

  13. Nicholas Jagneaux says:

    For all of you who left a prayer request, I want you to know that I did indeed offer prayers for your requests at the Marian shrines of Beauraing and Banneux. I also prayed before the Blessed Sacrament at several cathedrals, basilicas, and churches in Belgium and Germany. I hope that God grants your requests.

    I will do what I can to try to help you get some medals. It might take a while, so don’t give up.

  14. DEBBIE says:

    Please Holy Mary Mother of God pray for me and help get the job I desire so despreately back on Base.

    Thank you from bottom of my heart

  15. bel says:

    Lord, i know you’re a good God,please pray for me and lester.we love each other so much but there are situations right now that we cant help.please help us overcome the trials we are facing now.please bless our relationship and may our love for each other grow every single day.please pray for us also that our relationship and love for each other will be blessed and sealed in marriage soon and we’ll spend a lifetime together.thank you Lord..i trust in you Lord, i know you have answered my prayer already,like you always do.thank you! i claim victory!. i love you Lord!

  16. Annette Cruz says:

    Please Pray Daily:

    1. ANTONIO, ANA, ALICE, MIKE, SHERWIN, AIREEN, REY, AGNES, NEMY & ANJO – please pray for change of hearts & enlightenment, and pray to draw their hearts closer to God.
    2. ANA, AGNES, AIREEN, ALICE & NEMY – please pray for the right discernment to know Gods plan in their life so that they will able to obey His will in their life; and pray for wisdom & knowledge, guidance, hedge of protection, good health, peace of mind & good relationship.
    3. ANTHONY JOHN CUARTERON – please pray for guidance, hedge protection, good health, and pray to concentrate to his studies so that he will able to finish his studies and to have a good direction in his life.
    4. EDDIE & ANNETTE CRUZ – please pray to deepen our prayer life, and learn to love the will of God; pray for guidance, hedge protection, good health, wisdom & knowledge and financial blessings.
    5. CHESKA, REI JOSEPH, PAUL MARQUEZ, PAULINE QUILATAN – please pray for guidance, hedge protection, good health and pray to be kind & obedient to their parent & to their Family & have a good directions in life & to become God fearing.
    6. ANTONIO & AIDA BASILIO & FAMILY – please continue to pray to draw our hearts closer to God and learn to depend & focus on God what ever situation we will face; pray for good relationship in our family, guidance, hedge of protection, good health, wisdom & knowledge, and peace of mind.
    7. ROSITA CRUZ – please pray for change of hearts, to draw her hearts closer to God; and pray for guidance & protection, good health.

  17. bel says:

    Lord i know you’re a good God.pls bless me & Lester with a beautiful & healthy baby soon that would give us a bountiful of joy & we’ll seal our love in marriage that we may spend a lifetime together prasing and serving you our God. i claim victory now. i know you have answered my prayer already like you always do & that the seed of life & joy is already planted in my womb now.i trust in you.thank you and praise God!

  18. ms. v says:

    lord pls help me to restore my marriage with hazaraph, i love him. lord i am hoping that the family of my husband accept me as a christian, lord i know that you will help me.i trust in you.

  19. Vinod says:

    Respected People,

    Please Pray for me to Repent since I hit my Mom badly today She is Suffering from Depression after my Dads death on 01/03/1996. My Mom is Old and Sick.

    Please Pray for me to get Married soon,Since My Mom is taking Tension of Me,I am Graduate of 29 Years Old Living in Mumbai,Maharasthra,India.

    Please Pray for Good Health of all Family Members,Specially My Mom,We both Brothers Vinod and Vijay be Blessed with powerful vision of the eyes,Since we sit on Computers the whole day and be Blessed with Permanent Jobs & Success in Carrer.

    Please Pray for All Holy Souls,Specially Holy Souls of My Family Members.

    Valerian D’souza
    Priya D’paula,
    Thomas D’souza
    Natalia D’souza
    Rosario D’souza
    Lily D’souza
    Alice D’souza
    Floraine D’paula
    Fr.Maurice D’paula
    Elias D’paula
    Jerome D’paula
    Cosses D’paula
    Leo D’paula
    Lawrence D’paula
    Mark D’souza

    Please Pray for Our Financial Blessings and me to Succed in Buying a New House,Since we are Poor and Live in a Small House,Please Pray for Us.

    Please Pray for My Mom Benedicta to take Medicines Daily and be Healed of Depression.

    Please Pray for me to Pray Daily and Get good Girl for Marriage immediately.Thanks,Amen.

    Vinod D’souza
    Jahangir Building,
    10 D’monte Street,
    Bandra West,
    Cell No : 09819125568.

  20. Eleshia Smith says:

    Eleshia Smith spiritual renewal & strength. The ability to improve my financial situation drastically. Also success upon relocating to Arlington TX.. Pray also for Rod Jones for his career & to get closer to God & become more spiritual.

  21. Eleshia Smith says:

    Also pray for the storms that are here in Louisiana seems as they are getting worse & worse… Pray for strenght & restoration for those people who have basically lost everything due to the hurricanes… Thank You In Adv.

    God Bless Your Ministry & also the victims of the storms in LA & TX.

  22. marc says:

    freedom from oppression.

  23. marc says:

    Please pray for freedom from oppression for me. Thanks.

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  25. Vinod says:

    Petition: Respected People,
    > Please Pray for me to Repent since I hit my Mom badly today She is
    > Suffering from Depression after my Dads death on 01/03/1996. My
    > Mom is Old and Sick.
    > Please Pray for me to get Married soon,Since My Mom is taking
    > Tension of Me,I am Graduate of 29 Years Old Living in
    > Mumbai,Maharasthra,India.
    > Please Pray for Good Health of all Family Members,Specially My
    > Mom,We both Brothers Vinod and Vijay be Blessed with powerful
    > vision of the eyes,Since we sit on Computers the whole day and be
    > Blessed with Permanent Jobs & Success in Carrer.
    > Please Pray for All Holy Souls,Specially Holy Souls of My Family
    > Members.
    > Valerian D’souza
    > Priya D’paula,
    > Thomas D’souza
    > Natalia D’souza
    > Rosario D’souza
    > Lily D’souza
    > Alice D’souza
    > Floraine D’paula
    > Fr.Maurice D’paula
    > Elias D’paula
    > Jerome D’paula
    > Cosses D’paula
    > Leo D’paula
    > Lawrence D’paula
    > Mark D’souza
    > Please Pray for Our Financial Blessings and me to Succed in Buying
    > a New House,Since we are Poor and Live in a Small House,Please Pray
    > for Us.
    > Please Pray for My Mom Benedicta to take Medicines Daily and be
    > Healed of Depression.
    > Please Pray for me to Pray Daily and Get good Girl for Marriage
    > immediately.Thanks,Amen.
    > Vinod D’souza
    > Jahangir Building,
    > 10 D’monte Street,
    > Bandra West,
    > Mumbai-4000050
    > Cell No : 09819125568.

  26. shobana says:

    please i request thy mighty intercession in my favor for my relationship that broken. father i pray that you will stand in the gap for d ans shobana for are sepertaed and hev no contact with one another. father i pray that you relase all hindrance, curse, bondage, and the work of the enmemy in their lives in jesus name. father i break that all conflict and turmoil from theri communication be released. father i ask theri to rmeove all hindrance and wall that stands in theri way of communication. father i ask thee to release D of stubborness, pride, anger, confusion, bitterness, selfishness and rudeness. father soften, toucha nd humble him. father remove that hardness from him. father we ask thee to minister ot his heart and mind. father anoint his mind, bring it to a right state to think well. father engrave love and forgiveness in our hearts for one another. father work a miracle in our situation. father deliver our relationship. father transform and deliver D. father we pray that you touch his mind that he will tink os shobana constantly. father touch his heart that his love and feelings for shobana will remain constant. father i pray that our love will flourish in jesus name. father i pray that we will love, respect, care and shoe feelings for each other despite all rpblems. father i pray that wherever D is you will bring him back to shobana. father fill D with thy ways. father we look to thee to perfcet us. father i pray that you make D know that he neglected and hurt shobana for family and friends. father i forgive him. father let D know i love me very much. father i pray that D will make right with shobana. father i pour thy peace, blessing, joy, victory and grace upon them. father i pray for a mircale. father that you will heal this relationship, restore it, renew it. father that you will intevne that you will reconcile them. father that in jesus name they will solve theri problems and be back together again. father we leace this need in thy hands. D and shobana. confidental.

  27. carla says:

    please pray that I am healed from any mental distress and that my dreams come true thankyou carla england london

  28. David says:

    I stumbled upon this blog and entry while surfing the net…wish I had read it before your pilgrimage. Both Beauraing and Banneux are very special to me. I am now 52 but when I was in college in my early 20’s I returned to the Catholic Faith because of Mary’s apparitions at these two holy places. I have belonged to both the Marian Union of Beauraing and the Union of Prayer of Banneux ever since my reversion to the Faith and pray to Our Lady under these titles daily. I would love to read a post about your pilgrimage if you ever write one.

  29. Tony says:

    A Blessed New Year! Please pray for my pains … are they from the enemy?

    • Nicholas Jagneaux says:


      Thanks for stopping by. I had a great time on my pilgrimage. I’m already making plans to do it again.


      I hope you have a Blessed New Year, too. I will pray for your pains.

      At Holy Mass tomorrow, I will include everyone who left an intention here. (By the way, don’t forget that tomorrow is the Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God. It is a Holy Day of Obligation.)

  30. Edu says:

    Please help me pray for a miracle right now, we pray that God hear our petition to Him everyday that He may release us from the bondage of debts. I and my husband worked so much on this problem. We don’t know already on how to go out on this trouble. Yes, we troubled so much. We don’t want to borrow money again to pay for our debts. And thru the intercession of our mother I ask for help. Thank you very much.

  31. Carolyn says:

    Please pray for my father, Frank, who died in 2008. The family misses him, and we feel lost without him. Depression and Loneliness
    hard to overcome, and home isn’t home.
    Please pray that he is safe with Jesus.

    Also, pray that mom and I will find
    husbands, whom have great faith.
    We need a family and job security.
    Thank You, Jesus and Mary for help.

  32. Tony says:

    Thanks for praying that the devil is moving out off my life and God the Holy Spirit in via Mother Mary! I need this, thanks.

  33. andrea.J says:

    Please pray for

    1.Pray for K.V Johnson,Alphonsa Johnson & Kevin Johnson that each one of them may be blessed with the fruits of the holy spirit, be sanctified with Jesus’s most precious blood & be made worthy of our lord’s eternal salvation, especially pray for the gift of faith, wisdom & a generous spirit.

    2.Pray for Ms.Andrea Johnson suffering from severe form of obesity & has suffered much emotional grief & social isolation that the Lord may take pity on her & with his love & mercy heal her physical,emotional & spiritual wounds & may transform her physically.Pray also that she may be blessed with the courage,strength & the gift of deep faith & joy to do god’s will in all things & grow to love and serve him always in all things.

    3.Pray for Shine Abraham,suffering from low-self confidence,depression, excessive rationality that disallows him to believe or have faith in Jesus or in God & is also addicted to alcohol & smoking that the Lord may reveal himself to him & help him experience the Lord’s mercy,love & power & that he may be blessed with the fruits of the holy spirit & the gift of faith & wisdom that he may grow to love and serve the Lord in all things & live a life that is in accordance with his will & may also experience the true love, joy,peace & security which only our Lord can give.Also pray for his physical healing of acute backache & weight problems that the lord may heal him completely.Also pray that he may find suitable employment according to his qualifications & may have a successful career & truly repent for his sins & know god,please pray for his forgiveness of sins.

    4.Pray for Santosh Abraham, Eliyamma Abraham,Sherin Abraham,Prakash Abraham,Annie Abraham & Shiny Abraham that each one of them may be sanctified with Jesus’s precious blood & be healed of their emotional & spiritual wounds & that they may be blessed with the fruits of the holy spirit & the gift of faith,joy & wisdom.Pray that the Lord may take mercy on them & forgive them their sins & ignorance,save their souls, making each one worthy of his eternal salvation. Also pray that they may be filled with love & peace & be blessed with courage & strength to do the Lord’s will in all things & that they may grow to love & serve our Lord always in all things.Specially pray for Prakash Abraham for his emotional & mental healing & that he may get deliverance from his addiction to alcohol that the Lord may shower his love & mercy & save his soul.

    5.Pray for Mrs.Annama John,lying paralysed since the last 3 yrs that the Lord may have mercy on her & forgive her sins & bless her with a peaceful death.Pray especially for her two sons & his family, Antony.t.John & his family, daughters Gracy & her family, Celine & her family, Josephine & her family, Sherly & her family & all their children that each one of them may be sanctified with Jesus’s precious blood, be blessed with the fruits of the holy spirit & forgive them their sins & make them worthy of the Lord’s eternal salvation.

    6.Pray for the souls of Vareed, Rosy,John,Fr.Thermadom,Sr.celestine & nigel & all the departed souls of our ancestors that they may be released from the confines of purgatory & be led into eternal life.Also pray for the souls in purgatory that the Lord may have mercy on them & bless them with his mercy & love & lead their souls to heaven.

    with much thanksgiving & love

    p.s please place these intentions when you go for your next pilgrimage.

  34. Nicholas Jagneaux says:


    May the Lord grant you and all of the people in your prayer requests His grace and peace.

    I will offer up the most recent prayer requests at Adoration on Thursday, Feb. 19.

  35. Dear Our Lady and the Angels look after this intentions

    Just to place a Petitions in the grotto and pray hard for this to happening in my prayers
    I want to pray thanksgiving that Stephen McDermott send me a nice valentine card.
    So he said to me he is not interested going out with anyone at the moment so please make Stephen will be ready and interested to go out with me and ask the angels to tell Stephen in his dreams to tell him the voice message in his sleep and make sure he will change his mind that he ask me out pretty soon so hopefully he will decided that he is interested me and just to keep on asking and make a miracle wish and glad that he got my gifts and make sure Stephen mcdermott will get ready for me soon and when his mind realise the dreams and be interested me pretty soon so I wont contact him till he come around himself please god he will decided to say alright that he grow in love with me and he will be my caring friend that around me and he realise how kind I was
    I want my angels give Stephen a voice messages in his sleep and I hope Patrick carpenter fix him up his sleep and please god he wake up the next morning and he decided to do the chasing and I love letters to make a start to be a caring friend and then relationships in the end make it work and miracles that what I want so sought his mind out and make a special wish and my intentions will be answers so I am praying very hard that he make the right decisions and be ready for me to go out together hopefully he might surprise me at my doorstep he will be worth the while he waits not others girls at all so he will get me if he want a girlfriend so that would be nobody else so he is a nice guy and make him decided and pray hard and nanny and goggie and peggy garnett will look after me and pray for me in heaven make the season right for Stephen will be interested me and ready to ask me out mam said let him do the chasing please god and the door will be open at my doorstep I will get a happy shock and I hope he will buy me a beautiful gifts hopefully someday at least I am expected a house call please make a change with a new fresh start with me from Stephen.
    Keep hounding Stephen in his dreams everyday and make it miracles happens for me
    Make Stephen to grow stronger and feeling for me and keep his mind open for me and think about me all the time and grow in love and change his mind he is interested
    Please pray for all my dreams come true please hear my requests and Miracle ask god make the season right okay please god pray for this.

    Linda Higgins

  36. marc says:

    For deliverance from pain and confusion about sexual identity and corresponding shame and fear.

  37. maarten says:

    So that no weapon formed against me will prosper, that any curse against me will fall and be reversed, that the blessing and favor of God rest upon me and my house so that I can be a blessing. This is not yet sufficiently my experience.

  38. Jonie says:

    Please pray for Pam H, her husband, Dick has bone cancer,kidneys started shutting down {16Mar09}.He has had the Sacraments given to him.Frank W and Thomas C who are also very sick with cancer and their families. Thank YOU So Much for your prayers. GOD Bless YOU. Jonie 18Mar09

  39. Franc says:

    Please I have severe health problems and financial problems.Kindly keep me in your daily prayers that God may heal me and grant me financial blessing.

  40. Ina says:

    Please include me in your prayers, I will take the Nursing Board exam on August 10 at 8 me obtain my license with your prayers

  41. siobhan says:

    Father in heaven. Please have mercy on me. Please give me a miracle/ heal me head to toe. Especially my mouth and peace. Please correct my mouth to before the operation. Thank you for my mom and all her support she gives me and Zack for the job opertunity that came from heaven.And all the other blessings you have given me. Please holy mary, all the angels and saints please pray for me. Thank you mary of the Holy Rosary.

    Thank you

  42. Maria says:

    Please heal Jesse. Heal him mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Grant him strength, courage, and whatever else he may need to overcome this illness. In the name of Our Lord Jesus.

  43. lally says:

    please let Johnny come home to us. deliver him from evil Lord. Remove him from the presence of the people who wants to harm him, who are bad influence to him. Lord make him feel our love and your love remove all the anger in his heart. Kird we were about to gte married this year please make it push through.

  44. Noeline says:

    Please I am begging you Lord to help me out. I have enough, I can’t take it anymore. J. is drinking like crazy, CJ is a high school drop out, in trouble with the law, got fired again from work and is out again with the wrong crowd, Lc is disrespectful and sleeping with all kind of men and NJ starting to have an attitude. Pls come to my help Lord. Please pray for the conversion of the family. Please bring my husband and my children who are going astray.

  45. palmera says:

    please pray for my nephew, julienne migue for positive responses to his nursing applications, that he passes the nclex, and for his perseverance and determination to get a
    nursing job soon.
    thank youso much and may your visit be
    fruitful and inspiring.

  46. palmera says:

    i am a devotee of the virgin of the poor and
    i like the simplicity of the image and the chapel .

  47. fabienne says:

    pourriez vous s il vous plait saint hubert priez pour mon petit chien roky que j ai recceullit qui a etait maltraiter et qu il et devenu mechant il veut mordre alors que je lui donne tout l amour qu il n as jamais eue il deja ager de 10 ans et j aimerait bien qu il comprenne que je ne lui ferait jamais de mal car j aime trop les animaux et j ai aussi un autre chien guismo ca c est le mien que j ai depuis tres longtemp il et ager de 7 ans et je serait tres malheureuse le jours ou je ne les aurait plus car c est comme si c etait mes enfants car je n est jamais eue d enfants aidez les je vous en supplie saint hubert a ce qu il vive tres longtemps et leurs donner tout l amour dont il ont besoin car je les aiment enomement merci saint hubert

  48. Maria CNT says:

    Please pray that I have a better job with better pay and benefits. Thanks.

  49. Xavier says:

    Please pray for the sanctification of my sister Joyce, for her to be cleansed in the Precious Blood of Jesus and to be filled with His Holy Spirit, so that her heart is filled with love of God and love of neighbor. She is a cloistered nun, pray for God to grant her the grace of genuine humility, and the strength and courage to work selflessly for the glory of God and salvation of souls in the Lord’s vineyard. She is in USA for a period of six months to help the elderly sisters at a Monastery. Please pray to Mother Mary to be with her, to protect her and guide her.

  50. Xavier says:

    Please pray for me to be completely healed of chronic ulcerative colitis.

  51. jg says:

    Please pray for my baby to be healthy and normal until i give birth on 23 of may 2013.Im kind of worry right now, when i had 4 months ultrasound or scan the technician said my baby is short 2 legs,and skinny. Ill pray for my next ultrasound this coming week of jan.2013,my baby will grow normally and his body improving and perfectly fine.and all is well with my pregnancy.and will have a safe delivery on 23 of may 2013.i love my baby and excited to become a mom soon.and this is my first baby that we been waiting for with my husband….please pray god and mama mary heal my baby’s legs and body to be fine normal and healthy.

  52. alan says:

    Please pray for me that i can find full time work as Registered Nurse. My problem is i lack experience. I am hoping Jesus and Mary can guide my life remove any obstacles that may be preventing me from getting this job and also open correct doors for me.
    My wife is also having a baby i really hope they are both healthy.
    I am also studying please give me wisdom and knowledge to understand and to pass.
    Thank you Alan

    • Nicholas Jagneaux says:


      This site is no longer being updated, but I will include you in my prayers this evening. May God bless you and your family.

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