Steubenville Update – May 29

Steubenville South Update

May 29

(Note: This letter will also be e-mailed to those on the e-mail list.)

Steubenville South

      The conference will be held in Alexandria at the Rapides Coliseum from Friday, June 20, to Sunday, June 22.  Supper will be served from 4:30-6:00 pm.  Then a concert at 6:30 pm will warm things up. 

      Sunday will conclude with a Mass starting at 11:00 am.  The Mass will probably last until about 1:00.  There will be a lunch to eat on the return trip, and arrival back in Ville Platte should be about 2 pm.

      For more information, please visit the Steubenville South website.



      Coach John Tanner will drive the group to Alexandria on the Sacred Heart Athletic Bus.  The bus will leave the Sacred Heart Church parking lot PROMPTLY at 2:00 pm, Friday, June 20.  If you will be late, please contact Mrs. Therese at least 15 minutes ahead of time so that she will know to wait.

      The bus will be used to transport the teens back and forth from the hotel to the Coliseum each day.

      The group will return back to Ville Platte at approximately 2:00 pm Sunday.  If the bus will be much later (or earlier) there will be plenty of cell phones for your teen to call you to let you know.



      The group will be staying at the Super 8 Motel located on I-49 north of Alexandria near the airport (Exit 90).  There are interior corridors.  We have 11 rooms reserved (two for the chaperones).  The hotel has a continental breakfast available in the mornings.  The telephone number to the hotel is 318.619.9200.

      The hotel is about 5.5 miles from the Coliseum.   For more information about the hotel, please visit the Super 8 Alexandria website



      VPCYG will be at the conference for Friday evening, Saturday all day (and most of the night), and Sunday morning (including Mass).  Please DO NOT PACK unnecessary clothes and accessories.  There is only so much room on the bus for everyone PLUS their luggage.  Jeans and t-shirts will be fine.  Shorts are okay, too.  However, please be aware of the Steubenville Modesty Policy:

·        NOT PERMITTED – shorts/skirts/dresses shorter than 5” above the knee while standing; too tight; revealing

·        NOT PERMITTED – rolling up skirts or shorts at the leg/waistband

·        NOT PERMITTED – clothes that display anti-Christian messages

      You may pack some snacks for the hotel room; however, the conference organizers DO NOT want any food brought to the conference itself.


VPCYG T-Shirts

      Any one wishing to purchase a (second) VPCYG t-shirt can call Trophy Creations, 363.5300.  The white shirts are $10; tan (or colored) shirts are $12.  Please give Trophy Creations about a week to print the shirt.


Spending Money

      All of the registration, hotel, and transportation fees have been paid.  Breakfast is provided at the hotel; and lunch/dinner is included with the registration fee.  However, you might want to include some spending money for the conference, as there will be Steubenville T-Shirts, CDs, jewelry, and other items for sale.


Photography Regulations

      As per the Steubenville Policy Guide: “VIDEO CAMERAS and FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY will only be allowed outside of the conference area (they are allowed in eating areas, etc. except when a session is being held at that location).  This includes cell phones with camera and video capabilities.  Assigned media representatives will be the only individuals allowed to take pictures or videos during sessions and Liturgical services.”

      Additionally, Glow Sticks and other flashing items are not permitted.


Conference Bracelet Policy

      Each group will receive a bracelet color upon arrival.  These bracelets MUST be worn at all times and will indicate where the group must sit during the sessions and when they will be served meals.  Seating and meal schedules will be rotated throughout the weekend.  Persons without bracelets will not be allowed into the Main Arena or on any Conference Site.


I think that’s all the really important information.  I hope and pray that everything goes well and everyone has fun.


May God bless you and keep you in His peace.

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