Dress Code For Steubenville South!!!!!

These are the rules that were left  by Mr. Nick to be posted for Steubenville South!!!!!

VPCYG will be at the conference for Friday evening, Saturday all day (and most of the night), and Sunday morning (including Mass).  Please DO NOT PACK unnecessary clothes and accessories.  There is only so much room on the bus for everyone PLUS their luggage.  Jeans and t-shirts will be fine.  Shorts are okay, too (as long as its outside of the conference area.) Shorts or not suitable for mass at all.

Friday: VPCYG Shirts and Jeans

Saturday:  Wear a religious t-shirt that you have or try to find one. If not you can buy one over there. (you can also wear your VPCYGshirts on this day) This day we will wear brown from last years attendies or blue if you can’t find the other one.

Sunday: Wear any kind of t-shirt with jeans; as long as its suitable for Mass.

·         NOT PERMITTED – shorts/skirts/dresses shorter than 5” above the knee while standing; too tight; revealing

·         NOT PERMITTED – rolling s or shorts at the leg/waistband

·         NOT PERMITTED – clothes that display anti-Christian messages

      You may pack some snacks for the hotel room; however, the conference organizers DO NOT want any food brought to the conference itself.

If you have a question please contact Mama T  @ 363-3448-  her cell @ 831-4427, or e-mail @ troytherese@cebridge.net or call me @ 459-1517 or e-mail me @ michaelshs08@centurytel.net


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