Pack your bags VPCYG we’re headed for Steubenville South!!!!!

Last Minute Reminders:

Hey Gang,

Just a few to watch live coverage. Also the times and events are on here (the website) aswell. Scroll down it’s under our dress code. I look forward to seeing you!
Peace in Christ,
Mama T




1. Meet @ SH Church parking lot around 1:30pm. Bus leaves Friday @ 2:00 pm SHARP.

2. Dress Code:

Friday: VPCYG Shirts and Jeans

Saturday:  Wear a religious t-shirt that you have or try to find one. If not you can buy one over there. (you can also wear your VPCYGshirts on this day) This day we will wear brown from last years attendies or blue if you can’t find the other one.

Sunday: Wear any kind of t-shirt with jeans; as long as its suitable for Mass.

·         NOT PERMITTED – shorts/skirts/dresses shorter than 5” above the knee while standing; too tight; revealing

·         NOT PERMITTED – rolling s or shorts at the leg/waistband

·         NOT PERMITTED – clothes that display anti-Christian messages

3. Behavior: YOU represent our Ville Platte Catholic Youth Group. Respect and fun go hand-in-hand.

4. Money: You may want to bring $. They have a gift shop. Also, meals are provided, but just in case you get the munchies, bring some dough! During Sunday Mass, they will pass a collection, so please be prepared to donate a couple of dollars for a great cause.

5. VPCYG chaperones: Mrs. Therese Doucet (Mama T), Mrs. Rachel Ritter, Mrs. Angie Fontenot, Jessica Veillon, and Coach John Tanner. We will be here for you if you need anything. Please save my cell # in your phone: Mama T 337-831-4427.

6. Invite your family/friends to log on to for live coverage of the conference their is a schedule on the Steubenville Website aswell as ours under the Dress Code information.

7. Prepare yourself through prayer…come with an open heart…He is calling you….He wants to touch your heart….He is your friend and savior….listen to HIM… JMJ, pray for us.



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