Back from Belgium

Back from Belgium

Atop the "Mountain of Soumagne" with my daughter

Atop the "Mountain of Soumagne" with my daughter

My family and I have returned from our trip to Belgium, where we spent the summer with my in-laws.  (My wife is Belgian, lucky me!)  We had a great summer, including making a pilgrimage to Banneux and a (partial) pilgrimage to Beauraing.

I would like to thank Mrs. Therese Doucet for overseeing the Ville Platte Catholic Youth Group in my absence – especially for her leadership at Steubenville South.  I am also indebeted to Michael Buller for maintaining this blog over the last two months.  Hopefully Michael will continue to post videos, photos, and comments here.

Thank you both, Therese and Michael.

I also want to thank all of you who stopped by to visit the blog, especially those who left comments.  I didn’t have easy access to the internet while I was in Belgium.  I’ll go through the comments and reply as warranted.  For those who posted prayer intentions, please be assured that I did in fact offer them on your behalf.  May God bless all of you by granting your petitions.

I will soon post an article or two (along with photos) about some of the aspects of my trip that touch upon the topics of this blog – especially the pilgrimages to the Marian apparition sites.  Also, I will re-start the usual postings (about 4-5 per week).  It may be a little sporadic for the next couple of weeks, as I focus my efforts on beginning the new school year; so, please be patient.

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3 Responses to Back from Belgium

  1. mbuller says:

    Welcome Back Jagneaux Family!!!!! VPCYG has prayed for you over the summer to have a safe journey.

  2. Therese' Doucet says:

    Home Sweet Home Jagneaux Family! Welcome back. Thank you for offering up our prayer petitons.
    God bless!

  3. jh says:

    Welcome back

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