Upcoming Events – Oct./Nov.

Upcoming Events – Oct./Nov.

Bible Study, Movie Night,

In Your Face

Here’s a quick run-down of some of the upcoming VPCYG events:

  • Bible Study:  Tuesday, Oct. 21 (tomorrow) from 6-6:45 at the Family Life Center.  This is the first of the series.  The topic is, “What is the Bible?”
  • Chicot Canoe Trip: The trip from last weekend had to be rescheduled.  I’m working on another date (probably Nov. 8).
  • Movie & Pizza Night: Saturday, Nov. 8 from 7-9:30 at the Family Life Center.  Look for the upcoming poll to decide which movie we’ll watch.
  • In Your Face: Saturday, Dec. 6, all day in Alexandria.  Download your VPCYG In Your Face permission form.  You’ll also need a permission form from the Diocese of Alexandria (click on the PDF icon for the flyer and liability form).
    • The cost is $30.  This includes two meals and transportation.
    • Both forms and payment are due by Sunday, Nov. 9. 
  • Check out the VPCYG Calendar of Events for more info.
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