Struggling With The Rosary

Struggling With

The Rosary

Pope Benedict XVI prays the rosary, an AP photo taken from

Pope Benedict XVI prays the rosary, an AP photo taken from

Ok, so right now, we’re in the middle of the election week Pro-Life Rosary Novena.  For me, it will end on Monday, election eve.

The Rosary Novena requires that I pray the rosary (No duh!).

The problem is that I have difficulty in praying the rosary.  It’s just that I can’t seem to concentrate while praying it – too many distractions; not being able to “enter the mystery”.  At night, I can feel the energy leaving me, and I become sooo sleeepy.  But, when I’m finished, I feel alert.

I feel really bad about that.  I mean, Catholics are supposed to love the rosary, right?

Well, just as I’m in the middle of praying the rosary NINE DAYS straight, I come across an article that helps me to re-understand the power of prayer – and the power of the rosary in particular.

Brian Pessaro, of Godspy, also had problems praying the rosary; but he also received a great grace in his life from it.  And he’s written an article about it.  Here’s an excerpt:

I’ll admit I’m not always perfect about making it my top priority. I’ve often flopped into bed late at night only to realize I hadn’t done it yet. I groan as I slide out from the sheets and reach for my beads on the nightstand. Those next 19 minutes are a far cry from the “perfect prayer” Archbishop Sheen described. I can barely keep my eyes opened much less my mind focused. To be honest, it’s not much easier when I’m wide awake. I stink at contemplating the mysteries. The best I can manage is to visualize a picture from one of my Rosary booklets or a scene from The Passion of the Christ. Distractions? Don’t get me started. On my way home from work, I’m bombarded with thoughts of everything but the mysteries. “The third joyful mystery is the… now what was it I was supposed to pick up from the grocery store… Was that my 9th Hail Mary or my 10th? Oh man, I just ran a red light! Sorry Mary.”

So why do I persist if it’s such drudgery? Simple. I wouldn’t be where I am today had it not been for Mary’s intercession. This is my story. Since the age of 11, I was addicted to pornography. It began simple enough with sneaking peaks at my best friend’s father’s Playboys in the basement of his house. But by the time I was 25, I was so hooked on Internet porn that I would itch for my wife to leave the apartment so I could secretly jump online. Several times over the years I tried to quit. Each time, not only did I fail, but the addiction got worse to the point where I gave up resisting.

Godspy is on online Catholic magazine that covers the movies/television/books; politics; science; the economy; and much more. 

If you’re able to pray at your computer during the day (or night), there’s a great resource for praying the rosary online that can be found at

For great information about the rosary, you can also check out The Holy Rosary Site, which include the history of the rosary; the surpassing merit of the rosary; and how to pray the rosary worthily. ***You can turn off the accompanying music if you scroll down.***

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