Top 10 Irritating Phrases

Top 10 Irritating Phrases

Let me admit it:  I’m going to lift the following post wholesale from another souce: Ignatius Insight Scoop.  It’s one of those must-read blogs.  (The original post can be found here.)

Top Ten Irritating Phrases

Some folks at Oxford have put together a list of the “top ten most irritating phrases”:

1 – At the end of the day
2 – Fairly unique
3 – I personally
4 – At this moment in time
5 – With all due respect
6 – Absolutely
7 – It’s a nightmare
8 – Shouldn’t of
9 – 24/7
10 – It’s not rocket science

To that original list, Ignatius blogger Carl Olsen adds the following:

My list (with exclusive, free, cutting-edge commentary):

1. Top Ten (Anyone for Top Twelve?)
2. Like, you know (Yeah, I do now.)
3. Good morning (at the start of Mass. Shudder.)
4. I mean…I mean… I mean (do you? Trying to convince yourself?)
5. The keys to winning the game (for any sport. It’s simple: score more points than the other team.)
6. This is a defining moment (Huh? What? Sorry, I must have fallen asleep.)
7. To be completely honest (Uh oh. I assumed you already were being completely honest. Silly me.)
8. As I’ve always said (and you’re going to say it again, aren’t you?)
9. Change is a good thing (then why keep saying it again and again?)
10. We gave 110% (Sorry, not possible.)
11. Team chemistry (Why not team biology? Or team physics?)
12. I feel… (Stop! Too much information. This is a feeling-free zone.)

With all due respect, at the end of the day, it’s not rocket science. Absolutely.

Insight Scoop is the blog of Ignatius Press, which is the official publisher of Pope Benedict XVI in the United States.  If you haven’t read anything by our Holy Father yet, may I recommend Jesus of Nazareth. 

Cover of Jesus of Nazareth, by Pope Benedict 16th, published by Ignatius Press; image taken from

Cover of Jesus of Nazareth, by Pope Benedict 16th, published by Ignatius Press; image taken from

This is an AWESOME book by one of the world’s greatest theologians – and it’s easy to understand (I mean, if I can understand it, you can, too).

Please feel free to add your own “Irritating Phrases” in the combox.

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4 Responses to Top 10 Irritating Phrases

  1. Therese' Doucet says:

    LOL! These are hilarious! Maybe you could come up with top 10 Cajun phrases. 🙂

  2. Nicholas Jagneaux says:

    One that I hate is:

    “It goes without mentioning that …”

    Well, if it goes without mentioning, then why’d you mention it?

  3. Dana Marie says:

    You have some nerve Nicholas. Shame on you, little boy!

  4. Dana Marie says:

    You answer me, NOW!!!!

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