December Upcoming Events

Mark Your Calendars:

Upcoming December Events

VPCYG has a few events scheduled for December, starting with Tuesday of this week.  Mark your calendars, and check back here often for updates.

  • Tuesday, Dec. 16, Bible Study:  “How to Read the Bible” – The Bible IS NOT one, single book; it is a collection of books (or a library, if you will), written in different literary styles.  We will discuss practical points for reading the Bible, including answering the question of whether or not “Bible Alone” should be our sole rule of Faith.
  • Saturday, Dec. 20, Movie Night – VPCYG will get together at the Family Life Center from 7:00 – 9:30 to eat (pizza, probably) and watch a movie. Vote for the movie you want to see.
  • Sunday, Dec. 28, VPCYG Monthly Meeting – Our December meeting, at which we will discuss events and activities for 2009.
  • Tuesday, Dec. 30, Bowling – More details to be announced later this week.
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