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The Dumb Ox Explains Why Edward and Bella Aren’t Chaste

The Dumb Ox Explains… Why Edward and Bella Aren’t Chaste Today, is the Memorial of St. Thomas Aquinas, Doctor of the Church.  I’d like to use the opportunity to let him explain why Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are not chaste. … Continue reading

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Ville Platte Pro-Life Walk – Jan. 2009

Ville Platte Pro-Life Walk Jan. 2009 Our photo gallery of the Pro-Life Walk is available for viewing.  Click here to go to the gallery.

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Super Cool Pro-Life Video

Super Cool Pro-Life Video (41 seconds long) I really hope that President Obama – and his pro-abortion supporters – have an opportunity to see this video. Meanwhile,  Pres. Obama has reversed Pres. Bush’s executive order forbidding the support of international … Continue reading

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Pro-Life Walk and Other Events

Pro-Life Walk and Other Up-Coming Events VPCYG will be participating in the Pro-Life Walk this Sunday.  The walk will begin immediately after 10:30 Mass.  It will leave from the Our Lady Queen of All Saints parking lot and make its … Continue reading

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Listen Up for Salvation and Justification

Listen Up For Justification and Salvation Detail from The Ghent Altarpiece by Hubert and Jan van Eyck.  This is one of the greatest pieces of art. Ever. Great news! Karlo Broussard is going to have regular appearances on Catholic Answers … Continue reading

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Let The Arguments Begin: Twilight Is BAD!!

Let The Argument Begin: Twilight is BAD !!! I know that I’m opening up a can of worms, but so be it. Twilight is not good.  Not at all. I’m not talking about the movie.  I mean the book.  But, … Continue reading

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The Truth About Birth Control Part V – “Human Weeds”

The Truth About Birth Control Part V The Truth about Planned Parenthood is that its founder, Margaret Sanger, was a racist, who wanted to kill off the poor, uneducated, “sick human weeds, who clog the path”. The founder of Planned Parenthood … Continue reading

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