Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Mother of God


of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Mother of God

Image of Mary, Mother of God; taken from the Holy Trinity Catholic Church Renovation Project blog.

Image of Mary, Mother of God; taken from the Holy Trinity Catholic Church Renovation Project blog.

 The painting is the Virgin of the Lilies, by William Bouguereau. 

Today is the Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in her title as Mother of God.  It is a Holy Day of Obligation; please be sure to attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

I’ll be somewhat brief in my post today.  Most of the information I have comes from the excellent Beginning Apologetics series by Fr. Frank Chacon and Jim Burnham.  I highly recommend these books – especially for beginners.  I wish that I had known about them when I really began trying to understand the faith.

  • What is a “Solemnity”?  What is a “Feast”?  What does it matter?  For those answers, please refer to my post last year about the Solemnity of the Annunciation.  (Plus, you’ll get to discover some great information about Our Lady.)
  • Does the Bible show that Mary is the Mother of God? I’m glad you asked.  The answer is YES!!
    • Lk 1:35 – The Archangel Gabriel announces to Mary that she will conceive a child, and “the child to be born will be called holy, the Son of God.”
    • Lk 1:43 – The Blessed Virgin, already pregnant with Christ, goes to visit her cousin, Elizabeth.  When she arrives, Elizabeth greets Mary, “Who am I, that the mother of my Lord should come to me?”  In the New Testament, the word Lord refers only to God.
    • Matt 1:23 – The Archangel Gabriel reassures Joseph that he should continue in his plans to marry Mary, telling him that the child’s name “shall be called Emmanuel, which means God with us.”
  • Yeah, but Protestants don’t believe that; do they?  I can’t speak for Protestants.  But, I can quote three of the leaders of the Protestant movement.  (All quotes are taken from the Beginning Apologetics #6 workbook.)
    • Martin Luther – “In this work whereby she was made the Mother of God, so many and such good things were given her that no one can grasp them…”
    • John Calvin – “…Elizabeth calls Mary Mother of the Lord, because the unity of the person in the two natures of Christ was such that she could have said that the mortal man engendered in the womb of Mary was at the same time the eternal God.”
    • Ulrich Zwingli – “It was given to her what belongs to no creature, that in the flesh she should bring forth the Son of God.”
  • What about all that “blessed” stuff? The Blessed Virgin herself tells us that we shall call her “Blessed”.  In Lk 1:46-55, we read Mary’s Magnificat: “…for behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed…”
  • It all seems obvious.  So, what’s the big deal then?  There was no big deal in the first four centuries of Christianity. 
    • Then, a bishop, Nestorius, promoted the heresy that Jesus is not one person, but two persons; and and Mary was the mother of just the human person.
    • In 431, the Council of Ephesus (where the Blessed Virgin lived out her final days on Earth) condemed this heresy.  It gave Mary the title Theotokos, or “God-bearer”.  This title – while honoring Mary – was also meant to preserve the Truth about Jesus Christ, namely that He is ONE PERSON, with TWO NATURES (one divine and one human), subsisting in a Hypostatic Union.

There’s more, much more.  But, I’ll leave it at that.  I wish you and your families a very holy New Year.

Meanwhile, please enjoy Kelly Pease performing “Mother’s Song (Handmaid of the Lord)”. 


Sacred Heart of Christ, have mercy on us.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us.

St. Joseph, Protector of the Church, pray for us.

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10 Responses to Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Mother of God

  1. I love Mary! says:

    this photo is LOVELY.
    i absolutely love it.

  2. domenec says:

    Our Mother, who art in Heaven; hallowed by Thy name; Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil. Amen

    • Nicholas Jagneaux says:


      What’s your point?

      Catholics do not worship Mary. Maybe you do?

      • Dana says:

        Hey Nick,

        You make me laugh with the way you reply sometimes. I’m not saying this in a rude way. I like it. You’re funny.

        I have a silly question for you. If you don’t feel like answering, it’s alright because it has nothing to do with religion.
        Do you check all these comments you get before putting them out for others to see, or does someone else check them? I’m not planning on sending you mean and threatening messages; I’m just curious.

        Nice reunion photos. Take Care and sweet dreams.

      • Nicholas Jagneaux says:

        Hey, Dana, welcome back!

        I’m not sure why I make you laugh, but I’ll take any compliment I can get. 🙂

        As for the comments: I am the sole moderator for the comments posted here. People submit comments, and I approve them. I think I have disapproved only 1 or 2 comments. Fortunately, there aren’t really all that many commentators here, so it’s easy to handle.

        As for the reunion photos: This really isn’t the site for putting them up. But (excuses, excuses), I was in a rush, and I didn’t have time to set up a different website for it. So I just piggy-backed on the Youth Group site. But, since I’m the sole moderator, I don’t think anyone’ll complain. 🙂

        Be good.

      • Dana says:

        lol….I’m always good, just misunderstood…lol

  3. domenec says:

    hi Nicholas,

    i am about to finish reading the chalice and the blade by Riane Eisler, have you read it? and i just wondered how would it feel to change our Lord and God in our usual prayers for our Lady and Goddess. how would it feel for me and for others considering the long tradition -about 1000 years- of consecrating churches to virgins in christian countries. we worship Montserrat, a black madonna in Catholic Catalonia, and my parents worhisped the Virgin of the Sun in the south of Spain.

    • Nicholas Jagneaux says:


      I haven’t read The Chalice and the Blade. Neither am I familiar with Montserrat nor the Virgin of the Sun, which you claim to worship.

      Please, let me urge you to rethink worshiping anyone but the One, True God. (Considering that you have chosen to visit a Catholic blog, would you expect anything else?)

      God is one in nature, substance, and essence. Though God be one, yet God exists in three persons (God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ), and God the Holy Spirit): It is the central mystery of God’s faith and life.

      There is no goddess. If one were to worship a goddess, that person would be guilty of idolatry, which is divinizing what is not God.

      Catholics worship and adore God alone. Catholics do not worship or adore Mary, the Mother of God. Rather, the Church honors (hyperdulia) Mary is a way that “differs essentially from the adoration which is given to the incarnate Word and equally to the Father and the Holy Spirit” (from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, #971).

      I would be glad to interact more with you about the Truth of the Catholic faith. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.

  4. domenec says:

    Hi Nicholas,

    i feel sincerely happy for you seem to have found the kind of faith, colleagues, literature and rituals that suit your needs. if you feel deeply satisfied with that understanding then that is all right.

    From our European point of view, Christianity and Catholicism have been closely associated with dictatorships in our recent past which has led us to look for answers somewhere else -despite being born in a quite active Catholic family.

    the way i see it we either reach a consensus and global agreement to respect each other or we will witness the Book of Revelation.

    therefore, i am most interested in what we all human beings share today and used to share in the past, because perhaps there was a time in which the whole humanity everywhere coincided in some sort of spiritual insight that could help us now to live in peace.

    • Nicholas Jagneaux says:


      In fact, there was a time when “the whole humanity everywhere coincided in some sort of spiritual insight”: It was in the Garden of Eden.

      Following the expulsion of Adam and Eve, they passed on to their children (and grandchildren) the story about Love and Truth against which they sinned. Their descendents spread across the world, gradually distorting the worship of God. God intervened in history with the Hebrew people, revealing Himself ultimately through Jesus Christ.

      I am glad to see that you respect the Divine Revelation in the Sacred Scriptures, but I believe that you misread the Book of Revelation. It is not through a “global agreement” on religion that we will avoid the catastrophes; rather it is through a global world religion that we will bring upon ourselves the bitter fruits. Placing our faith in Jesus Christ will lead to our ultimate salvation.

      The Truth cannot be reached by consensus. Something is either true — or it isn’t. Truth is not created through consensus. Truth is not relative to a particular time or people. Truth stands outside of time; it transcends culture. Truth is a person, Jesus Christ.

      It’s too bad that you associate Catholicism with dictatorships (I’m not sure what you’re talking about); but, that’s not the “European” point of view. I know, because I am VERY familiar with Belgium and France. There is no trace of Catholic dictatorships there. In fact, the only true dictatorships that I’m familar with in Europe genereally denied the truth of Christianity and were hostile to the Catholic faith in particular. Maybe you could enlighten me about the specific dictators you’re talking about.

      In God’s love, we have free will; and you are free to believe differently than what has been revealed through Christ, and transmitted across time and space through His Church, the Catholic Church. Please, however, give careful consideration to the Truths of the Catholic Church.

      May God guide you in your search.

      Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.

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