Check Out “No Question Left Behind”

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa

Waaaayyyy back in October, Maureen Wittman was kind enough to leave a comment at the What is VPCYG? page.  She complimented this blog, and she left an invitation for people to visit her team blog, No Question Left Behind.  Please let me quote it here:

I believe this is something of great interest to those in Catholic youth ministry and hope that you can pass it along. No Question Left Behind is a place where teens can go and feel comfortable talking about heavy and not-so-heavy topics. It’s a peer-to-peer platform where teens can trust that their fears, struggles, and questions will be heard and answered by those who struggle with the same issues.

 I put together a team of well-catechized teenagers and young 20-somethings to answer the questions of teens. The team worked to answer all inquiries in the framework of Catholic teaching. I already have 200 Q&A’s ready to roll so you can count on this blog being around for the long term. And we’re still collecting new questions at the blog.

More than anything, please keep the project in your prayers. Especially pray for the teens who will visit the blog looking for answers.

Thank you!

Maureen Wittmann 



At the time, I responded to Maureen, and I told her that I would 1) make a post about her blog; and 2) add NQLB to our Blog Roll. 

I completely FAILED at both promises.  Until now.

No Question Left Behind is a wonderful blog, and I do not hesitate to encourage people to visit it, to take advantage of it.  They do fine work there.  May God bless them.

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  1. You’re more than forgiven :-). Thank you and God bless you too!

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