Jimmy Akin Explains Ash Wednesday

I happen to love Jimmy Akin’s work.  It was through the grace of God that I stumbled upon his blog a few years ago.  At the time, I was a “strong” Catholic Christian.   However, God used Jimmy – and Catholic Answers – to deepen my faith; to make me really love the Lord.

With that in mind, let me point you to a short piece wherein Jimmy does a little Ash Wednesday Q&A.  In it, Jimmy does a VERY THOROUGH job of explaining why we put ashen crosses on our foreheads today.

If you like that particular piece of Jimmy’s work, then let me point you to other Jimmy-Places-of-Interest:

  • Jimmy’s Blogbut he doesn’t write as many posts as he used to; however, Stephen D. Greydanus and Tim Jones do an excellent job of filling in
  • Catholic.com – where Jimmy works as head of the Apologetics and Evangelization Department.  Check it out to read great articles from This Rock magazine; and download super mp3s of Catholic Answers LIVE radio program.  There are also great apologetics tracts
  • The Nazareth Resource Library – full of Jimmy’s superb explanations of the faith.

I cannot stress how much good Jimmy’s well-thought out explanations of the faith helped me.  I hope they help you.

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