What a weird cat

I found this at Mark Shea’s blog, but it originally comes from Aggie Catholics:


Very funny.

It reminds me of when I was in high school.  A couple of guys with a strange sense of humor found an opossum and spray painted it orange.   Back in the day, the Post Office kept a photocopy machine in the lobby where it was accessible 24-hours a day.  These two guys then made photocopies of the opossum, with its face all squished up against the glass (poor little fellow). 

Then they put the orange opossum in the mail pick-up box outside the Post Office.  I can only imagine the surprise on the mailman’s face when he opened up the box the next morning.  I bet not much of that mail got delivered.

It was a terrible prank, I know; but I still laugh when I think of the photocopy.

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