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Please watch this. Please.

I thank Jimmy Akin for posting this excerpt from a speech given by John Piper, the Pastor for Preaching at Bethelem Baptist Church in Minnesota. Please take 3:25 to listen to this excerpt.  It is very powerful. May it spur us … Continue reading

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New Blog Feature – Banner Art Page

I am adding a new feature to the blog:  A page describing the banner art. I usually change the banner art to reflect the Church calendar. For example, today is Pentecost Sunday.  So, I’ve chosen a fresco depicting the descent … Continue reading

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A War Hero AND a Saint

Tomorrow (May 30) is the memorial of a teenage war hero who saved a nation:  the young Gallic shepherdess St. Joan of Arc. Let that sink in a moment. war hero peasant illiterate teenager girl Somehow, those things don’t seem … Continue reading

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New Mass Translation Available !!

I’ve been waiting for a couple of years for this:  the new English translation of the Mass are available for preview from the Bishops’ Conference website. A couple of years ago, some of the suggested changes were broadcast across the … Continue reading

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Go to Mamou; set your VCRs

Two HUGE announcements for the evening of Thursday, May 28: Fr. Bryce Sibley is giving another talk at 6:30 pm at St. Ann’s in Mamou, entitled “The Mass as Sacrifice” L’Angelus will be performing LIVE from 7:00-8:00 pm on EWTN’s … Continue reading

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St. Philip Neri

Today is the memorial of a truly remarkable saint, St. Philip Neri, the Apostle of Rome and founder of the Congregation of the Oratory (link in Italian).  Coming on the heels of  Memorial Day, it is also noteworthy that St. … Continue reading

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Just for laughs…

If you’re looking for a few good jokes, check out this thread at Catholic Answers Forums.  I lifted these jokes from the Forum. While you’re there, register and check out all the threads.  There’s sure to be something that interests … Continue reading

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