Just for laughs…

If you’re looking for a few good jokes, check out this thread at Catholic Answers Forums.  I lifted these jokes from the Forum.

While you’re there, register and check out all the threads.  There’s sure to be something that interests you.


During a spiritual conference, a number of priests from different orders are gathered in a church for Vespers. While they are praying, a fuse blows and all the lights go out.

The Benedictines continue praying from memory, without missing a beat.

The Jesuits begin to discuss whether the blown fuse means they are dispensed from the obligation to pray Vespers.

The Franciscans compose a song of praise for God’s gift of darkness.

The Dominicans revisit their ongoing debate on light as a signification of the transmission of divine knowledge.

The Carmelites fall into silence and slow, steady breathing.

The parish priest, who is hosting the others, goes to the basement and replaces the fuse.


A Franciscan, a Dominican and a Jesuit are transported back in time to the Birth of Our Lord.

The Franciscan, seeing Almighty God become a little Child, is overcome with humility and joy.

The Dominican, seeing the eternal Word become flesh, is transfixed in ecstasy.

The Jesuit takes St. Joseph and Our Lady aside, and asks: “Have you given any thought to his education?”


A young man sees a Franciscan and a Jesuit sitting near each other outside St. Peter’s in Rome.  He approaches them and asks, “Can you please help me?  I’m need a good novena that will help me buy a Ferrari.”

The Franciscan says, “What’s a Ferrari?”

The Jesuit asks, “What’s a novena?”


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