Go to Mamou; set your VCRs

Two HUGE announcements for the evening of Thursday, May 28:

  • Fr. Bryce Sibley is giving another talk at 6:30 pm at St. Ann’s in Mamou, entitled “The Mass as Sacrifice”
  • L’Angelus will be performing LIVE from 7:00-8:00 pm on EWTN’s Life on the Rock . (If you visit the site, you can even send an e-question to the band.)

Fr. Bryce Sibley

Fr Bryce Sibley 

If you don’t know Fr. Bryce Sibley, then I STRONGLY encourage you to travel down to St. Ann’s Parish in Mamou.  Fr. Sibley (who was stationed at Sacred Heart of Ville Platte for a while) is a wonderful priest.  Very smart; very holy; very challenging (in a good way).  Oh, yeah:  and great hair.

Fr. Bryce used to run a very good and much lamented blog — A Saintly Salmagundi (be sure to read the archives).  He is one of the motivating and organizing forces behind the Man-to-Man Conference.  He’s been published in Homiletic & Pastoral Review.  I could go on, but I wouldn’t want the accolades to inflate his ego (any more 🙂 ).

If you can get to Mamou Thursday night, his lecture will be worth it.


There are some great Catholic bands out there.  And then, there’s L’Angelus.  This Cajun/Irish Catholic band is more than just the 3 main members (a brother and 2 sisters); at times, the whole family — all nine, including mom and dad — get in on the act. 

Absolutely beautiful voices; great original songs — you’ve got to hear “Rice and Gravy”; awesome versions of traditional Catholic songs; and super skilled musicianship.  They’re definitely worth the price of admission.  I’ve been lucky enough to see them twice:  At the Man-to-Man Conference two years ago, and last year at Queen of All Saints Family Day.

The following video is of the song “La chandelle est allumee”, which is in French.  I’m sorry if you don’t understand French, but it’s the best quality video I could find on YouTube.  It’s a great video for seeing the whole family in action.  Plus, it’s a great song.

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