Canoeing Postponed


The Chicot Canoeing Trip has been postponed until Wednesday, July 8.

When I scheduled the trip, I hadn’t planned on teaching Summer Scho … I mean, Credit Recovery Classes.  (For those of you unaware, we don’t call the things “summer school” anymore; because of self-esteem issues, I’m sure.)

However, on the second-to-last day of school, I was asked to teach the American History Credit Recovery.  Plus, I kinda needed the extra money.  So, I took the job.  But, that means that I’m not available to chaperone the canoeing trip until July.

We’re limited to the number of people who can get in the canoes; there’s only space for 15 — and we already have 15 signed up.  As we get closer to July 8, I’ll put up another post with the people who have signed up.  We might have an extra space (or two) available at that time.

But, anybody can come to Chicot Park for lunch (grilled hamburgers/hotdogs) and games.

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