Another Ville Platte Catholic Blogger


This photo is used by An Intolerable Compliment as its header.  However, I stole this image from the site

This photo is used by An Intolerable Compliment as its header. However, I "stole" this image from the site


It is my pleasure to recommend a great new blog for your consumption:  An Intolerable Compliment.  (I’ve added the blog to my BlogRoll; look at the sidebar on the right for more great blogs.)

The blog is run by Ville Platte native Joseph Reed, “a married, Southern Louisiana Catholic man who loves a good bowl of gumbo, German beer, French music, and nearly anything written by Ratzinger and C. S. Lewis.”

The blog is very well written; and full of deeper insights than anything this humble correspondant can offer.   For example, right now, Joseph is in the middle of a 3-part series on The Kingdom of God. (Click here to start Part 1). 

(Thanks to Mark Shea for making me aware of the blog.)

Speaking of Louisiana bloggers:  The Opinionated Catholic puts up posts on the Church, culture, politics, and — best of all — LSU sports; plus other stuff.  In and of itself, that enough reason to check it out.

However, The Opinionated Catholic also keeps a list of Catholic bloggers from each Diocese in Louisiana.  And, there is a daily (well, mostly daily) feature called “The Louisiana Catholic Blogs Update.”  I’d like to mention all the wonderful Louisiana bloggers here on my site; but The Opinionated Catholic already does such a great job, that I’ll just point you there.

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2 Responses to Another Ville Platte Catholic Blogger

  1. jh says:

    Thanks for the shout out!! I am doing my links for that post right now and I have added the new blog to the list

  2. Joseph Reed says:

    Thanks for the plug.

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