Did I become a father at conception?

The following 30-second commercial asks a very important question:  “If I became a father at conception, then when did the life of my child begin?”  It is an interesting conundrum that President Obama has managed to work himself into.  I  think that it’s a great question.

Here’s the background to the clip from Catholic News Agency:

The 30-second television ad begins with a clip of Obama’s Father’s Day speech at a Chicago church in which the Illinois senator discussed the problem of absent black fathers. “We need fathers to recognize that responsibility doesn’t just end at conception,” he says in the clip.

Sen. Obama has voted against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, which would have protected from infanticide those children who survive abortion attempts. He has also promised to pass the Freedom of Choice Act, which FRC Action says would “annihilate” every single state law limiting or regulating abortion, including the federal ban on partial birth abortion.  …

Nammo said the FRC would like to see Obama acknowledge that life begins at conception and that fatherhood entails responsibility to the unborn. Further, the Family Research Council hopes Obama will renounce his support for taxpayer funding of abortions.

The man in the video clip is none other than Tony Perkins, a former state representative from Baton Rouge.  These days, Tony is a rising star among evangelical Christian leaders.  He currently serves as the president of the Family Research Council, a conservative Christian think-tank and public policy foundation (founded by James Dobson).

Hat tip to New Advent, which linked to the video and story at American Papist (great blog, by the way).

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One Response to Did I become a father at conception?

  1. Another question to post:

    “How many children have I fathered?”

    You weren’t using “protection” (as if sex is somehow unsafe per se) but your parter was using mechanical- or chemical “birth” control technology (other than barrier-only or spermicide).. ALL of those are potential abortifacients.

    You have likely conceived DOZENS of new children only to have the ‘tertiary’ effect of her “birth” control silently murder your newly conceived child.


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