Movie Night Saturday 7/11

VPCYG will have its monthly Movie Night this Saturday, July 11, from 7:00-11:30 pm at the Family Life Center.  As usual, we’ll have food, drinks, and snacks.  We’ll also play Wii, sing Karaoke, and just have fun.

You need to vote for the movie we’ll watch.  Here are your choices:

Knowing – A strange sci-fi story starring Nicholas Cage with some twists and turns.  I can’t say more about it without giving away plot points.  It got 3 stars at Christianity Today; the US Conference of Catholic Bishops calls it “ambitious” and “spectacular”.

The Pink Panther 2 – Slapstick comedy from Steve Martin that’s funnier than the first one three years ago.  Christianity Today gave it 2 stars; while the USCCB give it a mild endorsement.

New In Town – Lighthearted romantic comedy about a Florida gal (Renee Zellwegger) who heads up to cold Minnesota for a temporary job, but falls in love with a local guy.  Christianity Today gave it 2.5 stars; while the USCCB calls it “endearing” and “refreshing”.

Valkyrie – World War II action thriller  starring Tom Cruise about the true story of the assassination attempt on Adolph Hitler by German officers.  Christianity Today gave it 3 stars; and the Catholic Bishops calls it “well-made” and “suspenseful”.

If you’d like to suggest another movie, you can write it in the poll box.

Now, vote:

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