Back from Vacation

School’s about to start again (tomorrow for Sacred Heart; Friday for public schools), so I’m back from vacation.  (By the way, CCD for classes start on Aug. 23, from 6:15-8:15 at the Family Life Center.)

129 Grand Canyon 28

The Vacation

I had a great time.  My family took 9 days and drove to the Grand Canyon and back.  Along the way, we visited:

  • Tombstone
  • Saguaro National Park
  • Montezuma Castle
  • the Grand Canyon National Park (of course)
  • Wupatki National Mounument (and Sunset Crater Volcano)
  • several portions of Route 66, like Winslow, Arizona (yes, I stood on the corner)
  • the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest National Parks
  • Old Santa Fe
  • The Jemez Mountain Trail — including the Los Alamos museum
  • the Ft. Worth Stockyards
  • Dealey Plaza, Dallas — where JFK was assassinated
  • Natchitoches, LA

The drive was LONG  — plus/minus 3,400 miles.  However, we made such frequent stops that it wasn’t bad at all.  Sure, it took us longer than if we had simply flown to the Grand Canyon; but, we’d have missed all the other stuff along the way.

My only regret is that I didn’t stretch out the vacation two more days, so that I could have gone up from the Canyon to visit the Glen Canyon Dam and National Recreation Area; Monument Valley; and Four Corners.   I guess there’s always next time.

About the Blog

I’m not going to be updating the blog as often as I had been doing.  This is because – technically speaking – there won’t be a Ville Platte Catholic Youth Group anymore. 

I’m still not clear what’s going to replace the group (such as it was), but whatever will exist will center around either Challenge (for girls) or Conquest (for guys).

So, check back maybe twice a week for updates and new posts.

Meanwhile, have a great school year.

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5 Responses to Back from Vacation

  1. Kailey S says:

    😦 thats not good.

  2. Nicholas Jagneaux says:


    We’ll do something. I’m going to try to get some co-ed activities planned through Challenge and ConQuest.

  3. Flickr? 😉

    You *must* visit bryce canyon next time and really should take the sunset helicopter tour. It is stunning. (not mine)

    “there won’t be a .. Youth Group anymore. ”

    In my dioceses there is an eerie resistance to want to properly catechise teens on sexuality. [] Given your ‘blogroll’ it seems unlikely that yours failed to be ‘pope compliant’.

    The Truth in a youth program, staffed by either well educated or well formed in a mix of adult and (young) adult leaders [22+] tends to be prosperous. Youth groups similarly benefit from chaste, single MEN and women: successful lifestyle examples. The myopic pejorative perspective on single men participation in leadership is in itself destructive.

    Not-providing The Truth not surprisingly is not satisfying and ‘ironically’ drives the youth away.

    :: ::

    :: ::

    • Nicholas Jagneaux says:

      Euthanize Liberalism,

      Thanks for leaving the comments (and at The Truth About Birth Control, Part 1).

      I’d love to visit Bryce Canyon. I have a dream of a two-month long road trip through the mountain/desert West that I want to make with my family.

      About the Youth Group: there is no denying that I am a big part of the reason that the VPCYG had to “dissolve”. If I had offered more enticing projects, maybe we’d still be around. I hope someone with more talent for organizing will pick it up.

      Having said that, there are many other factors causing a low level of participation. I want emphasize that the pastors of our local parishes were FULLY supportive of our efforts. I really could not have asked for more from them.

      I hope you have a Holy Advent (what’s left of it) and a Merry Christmas.

      God bless us all.

  4. Happy to contribute, and moreover to be well received.

    Having managed similar groups, though not a catholic youth group, I am familiar with youth issues as:

    + sloth

    + zero follow through

    + gross selfishness (or self infatuation if you prefer)

    + poor parenting

    + morally conflicted

    + poor adult participation: one man armies don’t work well long without scifi tech

    (as *you* can see I have since updated my email)

    Factors to overcome low participation, other than (akin to contrary virtues to overcome vice)

    + technology of the current millennium

    ++ including building into popular, albeit unwise, social (networking) infrastructure

    + low tech parental solicitation (via ‘subtle’ public shaming if necessary) [snail mail]

    + fostering group prayer (for Catholic applications)

    Thank you for your hopefullness, and to you as well.

    :: ::

    :: ::

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