2008 Ice Skating

Ice Skating

Nov. 2008

2008-ice-skating-01  2008-ice-skating-04

2008-ice-skating-05  2008-ice-skating-23 

2008-ice-skating-07  2008-ice-skating-08

2008-ice-skating-20  2008-ice-skating-24

2008-ice-skating-25  2008-ice-skating-27

2008-ice-skating-31  2008-ice-skating-45

2008-ice-skating-18  2008-ice-skating-28


One Response to 2008 Ice Skating

  1. lisa says:

    hey peepz look ive been there and it was so slippery anyway it was still fun oh!! and i fell 11 timez, because my shoez were too big for me

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