2008 Way of the Cross

2008 Ville Platte

Way of the Cross 



Here are photos of the 2008 Way of the Cross in Ville Platte.  It was made from St. Joseph Catholic Church to Our Lady Queen of All Saints (my home parish).  It included parishioners from St. Joseph, OLQAS, and Sacred Heart.

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      Outside Maison de Sante 01   Outside Maison de Sante 02   Outside Maison de Sante 03   Mrs. Therese and Mr. Troy pray as they walk


Outside Citizens’ Bank 01   Outside Citizens’ Bank 02   Mrs. Audrey sings   Kailey leads one of the stations


Mrs. Phyllis Leads the 13th Station   Kary Leads one of the stations   Father Tremie & Father Guillory pray and walk   Group Shot 05


Group Shot 04 - outside KVPI   Group Shot 02   Group Shot 01   Father Guillory leads the rosary


Elizabeth leads a station   Aubree leads a station   Alexis leads the 14th Station




2 Responses to 2008 Way of the Cross

  1. Monica Name says:

    I am Monica Name from Aguascalientes city, and I want to comunicate with the father Neil mcneil, only to say hello and know if he is fine.
    Please tell me something, becouse my housband and I were woorry about him, becouse it pass a lot of time and nobody tell us nothing about him, we ask to a lot of people here in mexico and nothing…and we decide to look for him at intenet and finally we find this page and we saw his picture.
    please write back and tell him that we are happy for him, becouse now we know that he is fine.
    thank you.

  2. Nicholas Jagneaux says:


    Thanks for visiting the website. I’ve forwarded your message on to Fr. McNeill. I hope that y’all can be in contact soon.

    Take care, and may God bless you.

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