Pro-Life Walk – Jan. 2009

Pro-Life Walk

Jan. 2009

Here are a few photos from the Pro-Life Walk in Ville Platte on Jan. 25, 2009.  We walked through the city from Our Lady Queen of All Saints to Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

Many groups took part in the walk; notably, VPCYG, Challenge Catholic Girls Club, Conquest Catholic Boys Club, member of Regnum Christi, and parishioners from both church parishes.  Stephanie Andrus was instrumental in organizing the walk. 

(As a side note:  I happen to like heraldry.  You’ve got to check out the Conquest coat of armsIt is WAY COOL.  Roll over the elements at the bottom of the link for an explanation.)

The guest speaker was Mrs. Brenda Desormeaux, the head of the Desormeaux Foundation, which provides support and help for women and their babies.  The Foundation is allied with the a crisis pregnancy center, which provides free pregnancy tests and ultrasound; pregnancy alternative counseling; and some financial assistance.  If you would like to help the pro-life movement where the real work happens, the Foundation would welcome any donations.

Click on the thumbnails for a larger image.




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