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July 2 — Happy Independence Day!

Yep.  You read it right. Today, July 2, is actually the day that the American colonies declared independence. What?  You thought it was July 4? Well, check out the Banner Art page and read the interesting history of the Birth … Continue reading

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“The New Catholic Manliness” at Sancte Pater blog

I just read a great article that I have to share with you. The article, “The New Catholic Manliness“, can be found at a wonderful blog, Sancte Pater. The article explores the idea that not too long ago, the Church … Continue reading

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Did I become a father at conception?

The following 30-second commercial asks a very important question:  “If I became a father at conception, then when did the life of my child begin?”  It is an interesting conundrum that President Obama has managed to work himself into.  I  think … Continue reading

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L’Angelus goes mainstream

  Great news: L’Angelus has been picked up by Ignatius Press for distribution! For those of you who don’t know L’Angelus, the trio is part of a large Catholic family from Lafayette.  Their music is a super combination of Cajun, … Continue reading

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Please watch this. Please.

I thank Jimmy Akin for posting this excerpt from a speech given by John Piper, the Pastor for Preaching at Bethelem Baptist Church in Minnesota. Please take 3:25 to listen to this excerpt.  It is very powerful. May it spur us … Continue reading

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The Truth About Birth Control – Part VI

For the other posts in this Birth Control Series, follow this link. Before you watch the following clip, here’s some background information: Dr. Janet Smith is a professor of moral theology and the Fr. Michael J. McGivney Chair of Life Ethics … Continue reading

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ESCR is dead – so says Dr. Oz

First, a little background (in case you didn’t know): Dr. Oz is actually Dr. Mehmet Oz.  His fame come from being the health expert on the Oprah Winfrey show and chief medical consultant to Discovery Communications.  He is the vice-chair … Continue reading

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