Our Lady of the Rosary

Thursday, Oct. 7,  is the Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary.

In honor of the story, I’d like to point you to a post that I did a couple of years ago that explains the origins of the feast – the Battle of Lepanto.

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New Banner Art – Lent


Ash Wednesday cartoon from catholiccartoonblog.blogspot.com

I took this image from a great website that produces funny Catholic cartoons: the appropriately named Catholic Carton Blog

Bookmark the site for a daily laugh.

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Back from Vacation

School’s about to start again (tomorrow for Sacred Heart; Friday for public schools), so I’m back from vacation.  (By the way, CCD for classes start on Aug. 23, from 6:15-8:15 at the Family Life Center.)

129 Grand Canyon 28

The Vacation

I had a great time.  My family took 9 days and drove to the Grand Canyon and back.  Along the way, we visited:

  • Tombstone
  • Saguaro National Park
  • Montezuma Castle
  • the Grand Canyon National Park (of course)
  • Wupatki National Mounument (and Sunset Crater Volcano)
  • several portions of Route 66, like Winslow, Arizona (yes, I stood on the corner)
  • the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest National Parks
  • Old Santa Fe
  • The Jemez Mountain Trail — including the Los Alamos museum
  • the Ft. Worth Stockyards
  • Dealey Plaza, Dallas — where JFK was assassinated
  • Natchitoches, LA

The drive was LONG  — plus/minus 3,400 miles.  However, we made such frequent stops that it wasn’t bad at all.  Sure, it took us longer than if we had simply flown to the Grand Canyon; but, we’d have missed all the other stuff along the way.

My only regret is that I didn’t stretch out the vacation two more days, so that I could have gone up from the Canyon to visit the Glen Canyon Dam and National Recreation Area; Monument Valley; and Four Corners.   I guess there’s always next time.

About the Blog

I’m not going to be updating the blog as often as I had been doing.  This is because – technically speaking – there won’t be a Ville Platte Catholic Youth Group anymore. 

I’m still not clear what’s going to replace the group (such as it was), but whatever will exist will center around either Challenge (for girls) or Conquest (for guys).

So, check back maybe twice a week for updates and new posts.

Meanwhile, have a great school year.

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Vacation … and then a change

VPCYG is going on vacation for the next 2 weeks or so, until school starts up again.

When the blog comes back on-line, there will be some changes.  There will be an emphasis on Challenge and Conquest

Check back for more information.

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Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Our Lady of Carmel and Saints by Pietro Novelli; image taken from Wikipedia

Our Lady of Carmel and Saints by Pietro Novelli; image taken from Wikipedia

Thursday, July 16, is the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.  Our Lady Queen of All Saints is celebrating the Feast during 5:30 pm Mass. 

The Mass is also part of the novena of Masses held to celebrate the 40th anniversary of OLQAS.  Here is the schedule of the remaining Novena of Marian Masses:

  • July 16 – Our Lady of Mt. Carmel; 5;30 pm; Fr. Mario Romero to celebrate
  • Aug. 22 – Queenship of Mary; 4 pm; Bishop Michael Jarrell to celebrate
  • Sept. 8 – Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary; 5:30 pm; Fr. Gil Dutel to celebrate
  • Oct. 7 – Our Lady of the Rosary; 5:30 pm; Fr. Neil McNeill to celebrate
  • Dec. 8 – Feast of the Immaculate Conception; 12:10 pm/5:30 pm; Fr. Mario Romero to celebrate

If you can attend any of these Masses, please come celebrate with us.

For more information about the painting, check out the Banner Art Page.

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Movie Night Saturday 7/11

VPCYG will have its monthly Movie Night this Saturday, July 11, from 7:00-11:30 pm at the Family Life Center.  As usual, we’ll have food, drinks, and snacks.  We’ll also play Wii, sing Karaoke, and just have fun.

You need to vote for the movie we’ll watch.  Here are your choices:

Knowing – A strange sci-fi story starring Nicholas Cage with some twists and turns.  I can’t say more about it without giving away plot points.  It got 3 stars at Christianity Today; the US Conference of Catholic Bishops calls it “ambitious” and “spectacular”.

The Pink Panther 2 – Slapstick comedy from Steve Martin that’s funnier than the first one three years ago.  Christianity Today gave it 2 stars; while the USCCB give it a mild endorsement.

New In Town – Lighthearted romantic comedy about a Florida gal (Renee Zellwegger) who heads up to cold Minnesota for a temporary job, but falls in love with a local guy.  Christianity Today gave it 2.5 stars; while the USCCB calls it “endearing” and “refreshing”.

Valkyrie – World War II action thriller  starring Tom Cruise about the true story of the assassination attempt on Adolph Hitler by German officers.  Christianity Today gave it 3 stars; and the Catholic Bishops calls it “well-made” and “suspenseful”.

If you’d like to suggest another movie, you can write it in the poll box.

Now, vote:

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July 2 — Happy Independence Day!

Yep.  You read it right.

Today, July 2, is actually the day that the American colonies declared independence.

What?  You thought it was July 4?

Well, check out the Banner Art page and read the interesting history of the Birth of America. The article on the Banner Art page has been updated (July 4).

While you’re there, find out about the artist, John Trumbell, who painted the artwork from which I “stole” my banner.

Trumbells Declaration_independence

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